Jul 27    Galvanize

Video: How Web Dev Graduate David Shibley Found Direction and Meaning at Galvanize

David Shibley's life had always been fairly aimless. He stumbled through high school and picked a college major on a whim, later walking away before graduation to help his ailing father. He wanted direction. He…

#Web Development

Jul 26    Lisa Marshall

From Grocery Store Clerk to Web Developer in One Year

Lina Sachuk was juggling jobs as a Red Lobster waitress, Costco clerk, and catering company go-fer when she stumbled upon the Galvanize website in the summer of 2015. An immigrant from war-torn Ukraine, she was…

#Web Development

Jul 25    Galvanize

Video: How Continuing-Ed Platform Prolaera Found Tech Talent and Startup Resources

Seattle-based Prolaera is an online continuing professional education platform for licensed professionals. In this short video, Co-Founder and CEO Evan Hiner explains how Prolaera decided to become a Galvanize member as well as bring on…

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Jul 22    Galvanize

From Bioscience to Data Science, How Lili Yao Found A New Career at Asana

We caught up with Galvanize Data Science graduate Lili Yao to talk about the experiences that lead her to San Francisco and how the program helped prepare her for her new role as a data…

#Data Science

Jul 21    Galvanize

Video: Member Spotlight on IoT Software Platform Switch Automation

We spent a few minutes chatting with Deb Noller, CEO and Co-Founder of Switch Automation, an Australia-based software platform for the Internet of Things and Member Company at Galvanize San Francisco. Noller discusses why she…


Jul 20    Galvanize

From the Source: Career Change from Oil & Gas to Data Science Raj Kadiyala

I grew up in India for 19 years before I moved to the U.S. to go to school at Texas A&M University. I got my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's in Aerospace Engineering.…

#Data Science

Jul 20    Jim Deters

Galvanize CEO Jim Deters Shares A Word On Our Updated Placement Rates

Galvanize provides a learning community to train junior web developers and data scientists to succeed in our technology driven world. Every day we see the challenges that our members, startups, and established companies face, making…


Jul 19    Galvanize

Video: Data Modeling for Data Science and Crystal Humphries’ New Career at Amazon

In this brief video Q&A, Galvanize Data Science Immersive graduate Crystal Humphries talks about her experience leading up to joining the Galvanize program, and how it prepared her for her new role as a data…

#Data Science

Jul 15    Haley Gray

How Payroll Startup Gusto Attracts the Best Data Scientists

Gusto, a company that provides technology-driven payroll and HR support to small businesses, wants to hire 1,000 people in Denver over the next seven years. As the company scales up, they need to expand their…

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Jul 14    Fletcher Richman

Portfolio Spotlight: Stream Helps Developers Build, Scale, and Personalize Feeds

If you look at a modern day application, you’ll see that many of the major parts of web and mobile apps are built using technology components. Stream is an API for building, scaling and personalizing…


Jul 14    Galvanize

The Story Behind Java and JavaScript: What’s The Difference?

This post was written by Elana Kopelevich, Galvanize Web Development Resident Java ≠ JavaScript When you're first getting started with programming, your ears start to perk up at new words. You start catching familiar terms…

#Web Development

Jul 13    Galvanize

From the Source: Pro Soccer Player Turned GrowthX Bizdev Manager Kendall Romine

I went to Stanford and played college soccer. I thought I was going to go to law school. I took the LSAT, prepared, and had a job lined up to go work at a firm,…


Jul 12    Dynelle Abeyta

Hustle + Grow: Apollonia/St. Renatus Announced FDA Approval, Hillary Clinton visits PanxChange

Hustle + Grow is a monthly showcase of member news, media features, and success stories across the Galvanize community. Apollonia/St.Renatus announced FDA approval on Kovanaze. Apollonia (Fort Collins) announced that its first product, Kovanaze™ Nasal…

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Jul 8    Cam Buckingham

I Just Completed a 365-Day Coding Streak. Here’s What I Learned

Throughout history, we have examples of large cultural subsets practicing “streaks” as a means of self-improving and enrichments. Over the last year, I completed a 365-day commit streak on Github. I dedicated myself to exploring…

#Web Development

Jul 7    Galvanize

From the Source: Seth Lytton

I originally went to school for architecture and then worked for like, half a year, and realized it kind of sucked. I went to CU Boulder, which was awesome. I had a bachelor's in environmental…

#Web Development

Jul 1    Lee Ngo

A Learner’s Journey From Yoga to Code

Madeleine Huish discovered a passion for technology at a young age. When her mother purchased a TRS-80 computer for business, Huish used it to study BASIC and build rudimentary video games with her friends, inspired…

#Web Development

Jun 29    Galvanize

From the Source: Teddi Maull

I heard about Galvanize a while ago. My husband told me about it because he's a software developer too. He told me about it, but it was in passing. I looked into it at that…

#Web Development

Jun 28    Galvanize

Hillary Clinton Shares Tech Agenda at Galvanize Denver

Today, Galvanize was proud to host Hillary Clinton as she unveiled her comprehensive technology and innovation agenda with the aim of building an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. "I…


Jun 28    Jim Deters

Galvanize Announces NYC Campus, Opening in 2017

Outside of Silicon Valley, New York City is the largest tech ecosystem in the country. Technology is among the fastest growing and highest paying sectors in New York City today, representing 291,000 jobs and $30…


Jun 21    Galvanize

From the Source: Adam Williams

The Garage is my first IBM job. I started in September, but the time goes by so fast. Because we work so fast, our deliveries are usually around six weeks. I've done six to eight…

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Jun 20    jared polivka

Did Someone Say, “Data Science Giveaway?”

June and July are going to be amazing months for Data Science in the Bay Area. To celebrate, we’re giving away a seat in a two upcoming data science classes (Data Science Fundamentals - Intro…

#Data Engineering  #Data Science

Jun 19    jared polivka

Did Someone Say, “Web Dev Giveaway?”

June and July are going to be amazing months for learning web development in the Bay Area. To celebrate, we’re giving away a seat in two upcoming classes (Learn React.js in 2 days and JavaScript…

#Galvanize  #Web Development

Jun 15    Dynelle Abeyta

Algorithms. Problem Solved

We've traversed through the front-end and back-end of the web development journey. Now that you’ve explored languages and tools widely used in web development, it’s time to apply what you know to solving problems, literally.…

#Web Development

Jun 9    Galvanize

From the Source: Adam Lee

We took our inspiration from street musicians in Johannesburg, South Africa. We started to build our own instruments. Fast forward a few years, we're now taking reclaimed materials to make electric guitars that look better,…


Jun 7    Dynelle Abeyta

Hustle + Grow: VIDA secures funding on first pitch, Tinsel featured in Elle

Hustle + Grow is a monthly showcase of member news, media features, and success stories across the Galvanize community. VIDA secures Google Venture funding on first pitch. Umaimah Mendhro, Founder and CEO of VIDA (San…

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