Aug 25    Galvanize

Upward Mobility for the Under-Employed: CEO Jim Deters’ Take

You’ve sent out dozens of carefully crafted cover letters, networked with everyone in a 100-mile radius and still ended up with a gig that isn’t quite what you want. We’ve all been there, and it…


Aug 22    Lisa Marshall

Making Memories Vaulted Artifact Uprising From the Basement Into the Mainstream

There comes a day in the life of every successful startup when the makeshift basement office will no longer do. For Jenna Walker, co-founder of the recently-acquired photobook company Artifact Uprising, that day, in 2013,…


Aug 22    Bo Moore

Ever Wonder How Spotify Discover Weekly Works? Data Science

New music is everywhere. Hundreds if not thousands of new albums are released each week between major labels, mid-level subsidiaries, independent shops, and droves of label-less hopefuls. So with all those sweet new tunes out…

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Aug 19    Galvanize

Educator Takes Own Advice in Discovering Data Science

Katherine Aquino spent years in traditional education advising women to pursue jobs in technology. One day, she decided it was time to take her own advice. With her experience in a variety of education systems,…

#Data Science

Aug 19    Tony Rehagen

How Travel Startup Pana Took Flight

In the spring of 2014, Devon Tivona and Lianne Haug were seniors at the University of Colorado Boulder, poised to take their degrees in computer science and slide into cushy jobs at big-name tech companies…


Aug 17    Dynelle Abeyta

Hustle + Grow: Status Page Acquired by Atlassian, Denver Innovation Lab Launches First U.S. Office

Hustle + Grow is a monthly showcase of member news, media features, and success stories across the Galvanize community. StatusPage acquired by Atlassian. StatusPage, a Denver-based status communication company, was recently acquired by Atlassian. Joining…

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Aug 17    Galvanize

From the Source: Frank Burkholder’s Improbable Path to Data Science Instructor

This is From the Source, a regular series where you hear the stories of the Galvanize community straight from the source. This week, Galavanize Data Science associate instructor (and DSI graduate) Frank Burkholder discusses a…

#Data Science

Aug 16    Lisa Marshall

How This Navy Pilot Targeted a Data Science Career

With a mathematics degree from the U.S. Naval Academy, a master’s in business from Notre Dame, and years of experience flying military helicopters into war zones in the Middle East, Michael Hood already seemed plenty…

#Data Science

Aug 15    Haley Gray

Tech Talent: Why Demand is Still Growing (With No End In Sight)

Be it on the front-end or back-end, web developers do, essentially, one thing: they create your experience on the internet. The web-based industry is booming, and unlike the dot-com bubble that we remember bursting in…

#Web Development

Aug 15    Jim Deters

45 Million Ways to Transform Lives

I started Galvanize with my two co-founders, Chris and Lawrence, with a radical goal: Solve the innovation and talent gap by making opportunities in technology available to all those with the aptitude, drive and determination,…


Aug 12    Tony Rehagen

Is Buster Posey Destined for the Baseball Hall of Fame? Data Science Says Yes

Andrew Yeh has always been fascinated with data science—whether he realized it or not. As a kid growing up in Houston, Yeh was obsessed with baseball, specifically the hometown Astros. He pored over the batting…

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Aug 11    Galvanize

From the Source: Startup Advice From GrowthX Founding Partner Max Menke

This is From the Source, a regular series where you hear the stories of the Galvanize community straight from the source. This week, GrowthX founding partner Max Menke discusses his time spent living in China,…


Aug 10    Jeff Panis

“Row the Boat” and More Hiring Tips for Graduating Web Developers

Dave Armstrong is the COO/CFO of Indaba Group, a full-service web design, development, and marketing agency in Denver Colorado. We recently had a chance to sit down with Armstrong and chat about Indaba, lessons he's…


Aug 8    Haley Gray

What is a Back-End Developer?

When a user of, say, types “Denver” into the search bar and hits enter, a request is sent from the website’s front-end to its back-end. The back-end receives a message that tells it to…

#Web Development

Aug 5    Dynelle Abeyta

Github. Create, Collaborate, Repeat

Now that we’ve explored how to solve problems with algorithms, it’s time to take those algorithms and the code they are paired with and plug them into GitHub. Why is GitHub so popular with developers?…

#Web Development

Aug 5    Galvanize

Our Favorite Coding Tutorials and How-to Videos

Today, Galvanize is proud to announce the launch of our new how-to site, a dedicated learning space for technology. Playing host to new articles as well as some of our most informative posts from the…

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Aug 3    Bo Moore

JavaScript for Beginners

What is JavaScript? JavaScript is one of the three core components of a website. Along with HTML and CSS, it makes up what is known as the front-end—the part of a website that a user…

#Web Development

Aug 2    Galvanize

From the Source: Why Former Personal Trainer Andrew Vandermeer Learned to Code

I owned my own personal training business and I coached at a CrossFit gym before coming to Galvanize. I'd been doing that for about eight years and was looking for something else. I almost got…

#Web Development

Aug 1    Galvanize

How a Campus Connection Turned Into a Job

Technology is changing the way we work, think, and especially the way we interact as a society. Along with opportunities to make an impact through innovative software, the tech industry also supplies many opportunities to…

#Web Development

Jul 29    Haley Gray

What is a Front-End Developer?

Are You a Front-End Developer? Behind every beautiful website is a talented front-end developer. These aesthetically-inclined coders possess the logical capacity to build the functional part of websites users interact with. They are sharp, innovative,…

#Web Development

Jul 28    Galvanize

From the Source: How Marvin Bertin Found a Passion for Data Science While Studying Robotics

I'm from France originally, and then I moved to Montreal, Canada to do my undergrad in mechanical engineering. For a very long time I was interested in mechanical engineering, aeronautics, things like that. Then I…

#Data Science

Jul 27    Galvanize

Video: How Web Dev Graduate David Shibley Found Direction and Meaning at Galvanize

David Shibley's life had always been fairly aimless. He stumbled through high school and picked a college major on a whim, later walking away before graduation to help his ailing father. He wanted direction. He…

#Web Development

Jul 26    Lisa Marshall

From Grocery Store Clerk to Web Developer in One Year

Lina Sachuk was juggling jobs as a Red Lobster waitress, Costco clerk, and catering company go-fer when she stumbled upon the Galvanize website in the summer of 2015. An immigrant from war-torn Ukraine, she was…

#Web Development

Jul 25    Galvanize

Video: How Continuing-Ed Platform Prolaera Found Tech Talent and Startup Resources

Seattle-based Prolaera is an online continuing professional education platform for licensed professionals. In this short video, Co-Founder and CEO Evan Hiner explains how Prolaera decided to become a Galvanize member as well as bring on…

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Jul 22    Galvanize

From Bioscience to Data Science, How Lili Yao Found A New Career at Asana

We caught up with Galvanize Data Science graduate Lili Yao to talk about the experiences that lead her to San Francisco and how the program helped prepare her for her new role as a data…

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