Newsweek names Hack Reactor to list of top coding bootcamps 2023

Recently, the Newsweek Educational Insights Team published a look into the value of coding bootcamps. As part of the series, they wrote an article on Why Coding Schools are a Smart Choice.

“With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the tech industry, coding schools offer a unique and effective way to acquire the essential skills needed to thrive in this competitive field,” the team writes.

Throughout the article, they focus on the aspects of the coding bootcamp experience that set it apart from other academic options. Those aspects include:

  • The ability to learn new skills quickly
  • Access to practical, hands-on learning and projects
  • The opportunity to learn from industry experts
  • Affordability (especially as compared to a 4-year degree)
  • Training on how to be adaptable to advancements in tech 
  • Strong industry connections

As part of this project, Newsweek also named the Top Coding Bootcamps 2023, and we’re honored to be on the list. They included an article about our decade-long history, our coding programs, our career services, and more.

Read the full Hack Reactor by Galvanize Newsweek write-up, and if you’re ready to start your coding journey, learn about our beginner and intermediate programs.

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