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Find out how we support our coding bootcamp alumni after graduation through events, career support, and networking opportunities.

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Your Bootcamp Community Becomes an Active Alumni Community

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Our alumni community provides ongoing support after your coding bootcamp ends.

Whether you’re considering applying to a bootcamp, or you’re exploring resources post-graduation, our Alumni team is here to help.

With robust programming, networking events, mixers, and opportunities to give back, you’ll find and stay connected with your people here.

Reach out to the Alumni team

“In hospitality, I was dealing with smaller, human problems, and now, I’m using a computer to solve bigger ones. With technology, I feel like I can do more. I can save people more time and bring more people together. With software engineering, I can make an even bigger impact because the world is changing so fast, only software can keep up.”

Kim Luu
Software Engineer at Intellivision Entertainment
Volunteer Opportunities

Are You a Grad Looking to Volunteer?

We have several alumni-only volunteer opportunities available. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll connect with you.

Our Grads are Changing the Tech Sector

Our growing community of software engineers is building the future.


Approximately 800 scholarships have been awarded for Galvanize bootcamps since 2012.


Our grads work in companies big and small, transforming tech from within.


We now have more than 14,000 graduates in our growing alumni community.

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All new graduates receive an access code for one year of free access to Frontend Masters. The code is sent via email and must be activated within three months. If you are having trouble locating your code, please reach out to

Email with your name, preferred email, and cohort, and we will add you to the newsletter list.
Email and include the email address that Galvanize has on file from the time you were in the program. Please also include the updated email address that you want to use moving forward. The Alumni Team will then notify Regulatory to update the system.

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