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Man in military uniform with a prosthetic leg sitting at a desk in front of his laptop.

Veterans Make Great Additions to Your Team

The Veterans who graduate from our coding programs are job-ready, autonomous, full-stack software engineers. Many also carry a current security clearance.


Our programs teach the most popular tech stacks and programming languages through challenging curriculum.


The military frequently reviews service member actions, making Veterans highly accustomed to being adaptable.

Strong Work Ethic

In our programs, Veterans hone their already-strong ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment, this time focused on tech.

Leadership Skills

Many service members have experience in a variety of roles, giving them perspective that’s key to being an effective leader.

woman smiling at the camera in military uniform.

“I think that the leadership and interpersonal skills gained during that time (in the Army) have absolutely been useful. The same discipline and drive to accomplish a mission that was necessary in the military has helped me push through some of the long hours and difficult sprints as a software engineer.”

Ben Cunningham
Software Engineer at CACI International

“Uber is dedicated to hiring military, Veterans, and partners (MVP) from non-traditional backgrounds across all lines of business and function. In 2022, Uber launched the Boost program which takes talent from underrepresented communities and alternative pathways through an 8 month long apprenticeship. Upon completion, the Boost cohort will be converted to SWE I.

While looking for talent, Jason and myself looked for reputable partners which is where we were introduced to Galvanize and Sianna McKinley. After sourcing through a few profiles, we noticed that Galvanize produces industry leading candidates. From the moment we began working with Sianna, we knew that we were formalizing a long partnership.

To date, Uber interviewed 10 Galvanize graduates for our software engineering apprenticeship exceeding all norms and resulting in an 80% interview pass rate. Of the 16 fellows in our cohort, 8 are Galvanize graduates. While this might seem like a low number to some, this is half of the entire cohort. Currently, they are in their 3rd week of the Boost apprenticeship program and each Galvanize graduate is exceeding the expectations of their trainers.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Sianna and Galvanize and are excited for what the future holds.”

Jason Thompson
Senior Technical Sourcer at Uber Technologies

Coding Bootcamps for Veterans

Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamps

Veterans can launch a new career in tech by training to be full-stack software engineers. Our Full-Time Beginner and Intermediate programs are approved to receive reimbursement through the VET TEC program.

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VET TEC Funding Can Change Lives

To support Veterans who wish to access a coding bootcamp education, our coding bootcamps are approved to receive reimbursement through the VET TEC program. Learn how VET TEC funding changes lives.

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“[The coding bootcamp] undoubtedly prepared me for a better-paying career than I would have been able to get after discharge on my own. It completely changed my life by giving me the resources to really step ahead in life and build a future for myself. I’ve since recommended it to other Veterans.”

Kelsy Vaughn
Demo Engineer at Nuance Communications

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