Future-proofing your team: Workforce upskilling

According to research, tech skills can become outdated every 2.5 years. Depending on your point of view, that might sound daunting, or like an exciting opportunity – or perhaps a mix of both. No matter how you see it, this fact certainly presents a challenge.

Understanding how fast the tech industry changes and grows is what powers our Enterprise offerings. We work with companies to upskill and reskill their current teams so they’re able to transform from within, meeting the moment of the current tech landscape. We teach the most modern languages and tools, as well as focus on learning how to learn. We know every tech worker needs to continue learning throughout their careers. They’ll need to be open to changing their approaches, expanding their skill sets, and exploring new ideas.

“Galvanize’s emphasis on ‘learning how to learn’ has led to a culture of continuous improvement – a cultural shift we’ve been trying, but failing, to achieve prior to the training,” said one of our clients, a manager at a Fortune 500 company.

4 ways workforce upskilling will benefit your company

Our upskilling training works for everyone involved. Employees are given their desired opportunity to learn and grow within their roles (or expand into new roles). Companies, in turn, gain teams that are skilled, experienced, and ready to tackle new challenges, which leads to higher retention, and innovation, and helps boost their bottom line.

Our Enterprise team works with Fortune 500 companies and many other clients representing teams of all sizes. We’ve completed 100+ customized engagements, and have trained more than 3,500 employees. Here’s a look at some of the benefits we’ve seen associated with upskilling teams:

  • Reduces Training & Recruitment Costs: Of course, upskilling is an investment in and of itself, but by training your existing teams, you’ll be saving on costs related to recruiting new talent. You’ll also reduce the time needed for new hire training, on-the-job learning curves, and onboarding.
  • Drives Long-Term Solutions (Not Just Quick Fixes): Working in the tech sector means always thinking ahead. It’s important that your teams learn what they need in the present moment to fuel the company goals of the future. Upskilling training can do that, equipping your teams with modern skills to propel sustainable progress and innovation.
  • Attracts New Talent: Though this type of training focuses on in-house teams, the time will come when you need to expand your team and hire outside talent for various roles. Being able to show that you invest in your teams will attract new talent who want to remain on the cutting edge and continue learning on the job.
  • Boosts Team Morale: When you invest in your employees, they’ll feel it. They’ll know how much you value their contributions, ideas, potential, and career growth. Not to mention, team training can be a bonding experience that brings people together – and the more teams feel positive about their roles and work, the more that can lead to increased customer satisfaction, as well.

How Galvanize upskilling training works

Whether you’re looking to advance your team’s skills or pivot a team or individual into a less obsolete position, we’ve developed programs that will help you get there. The programs in our Enterprise Course Catalog cover topics like Python, Java/Spring Boot, C#/.NET, JavaScript, Angular, React, TypeScript, and more. These are built by a team of technical subject-matter experts, instructional designers, and adult education experts. These are customizable programs because we know that sometimes, unique company needs require unique approaches and curricula.

According to Jason Strand, Galvanize Director of Enterprise Engagement, 95% of the topics and skills clients are looking for are covered within our existing, standard curriculum library. The remaining 5% is a matter of adding to or tweaking existing content to fit the context of how certain tech and practices are used in their organization.

“Because we have so much content ready to go, the configuration process goes really fast and we usually start delivery of the first programs within 4 weeks of an organization reaching out,” he added.

The courses are specifically tailored to each client by incorporating their tech stack, CI/CD pipeline, proprietary tools, and datasets directly into the case studies and real-world projects worked on in the classroom. For client Charles Thibault, an executive technology leader at IDT Corporation, the training opened possibilities for long-term experimentation and growth.

“We not only learned how to program in Python but now can access a library of ready-made, production-quality code to run machine learning models,” he said. “We actually practiced new techniques that we had never been exposed to before. We learned about best practices in modeling and software engineering.”

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