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At no cost, our Partnerships team connects you with job-ready software engineering talent graduating from our coding bootcamps.

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How Our Partnerships Team Works With You

We’re proud to be a leading provider of software engineering talent powering organizations of all sizes. Our Partnerships team facilitates an efficient hiring process, including hands-on support that connects you with top-tier software engineers — all at zero cost to you.

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Job-Ready Grads

We graduate full-stack software engineers, ready to tackle unique problems on the job.

Modern Curriculum

Carefully designed and challenging curriculum to match the needs of the market.

Soft Skills Development

We focus on socio-emotional skills that prepare graduates for long-term career health.

Autonomy & Team Focus

Our grads are trained to be both autonomous and team players, ready for any project.

“Working with…Galvanize has been easy and enjoyable. The Partnerships team is really responsive and has hosted several information sessions for us where they take care of all the scheduling and marketing for the event. All Hack Reactor grads are professional, come from diverse backgrounds, and are well prepared for both technical and behavioral interviews.”

Lindsay Bullock

“To date, Uber interviewed 10 Galvanize graduates for our software engineering apprenticeship exceeding all norms and resulting in an 80% interview pass rate. Of the 16 fellows in our cohort, 8 are Galvanize graduates. While this might seem like a low number to some, this is half of the entire cohort. Currently, they are in their 3rd week of the Boost apprenticeship program and each Galvanize graduate is exceeding the expectations of their trainers.”

Jason Thompson
Senior Technical Sourcer at Uber Technologies

“Hack Reactor candidates have been shown to score in the top quartile of assessed screenings, and represent a wide range of diversity. So when you find candidates from Galvanize that you want, MAKE AN OFFER QUICK, as these High Potential candidates are being sought after with higher and higher velocity.

It has been an invigorating and hopeful process working with the Galvanize team. Their staff brings a holistic, long term, impactful vision to the work, and meeting with them always brightens up my day. They are solution focused, and they put in the work on their side of this collaboration with Cisco. As a partner, they have been amazing in their pursuance of best outcomes for their candidates, and align tremendously with Cisco’s non-traditional hiring goals.”

Aron Carlton
Engagement Manager at Cisco Systems

How to Hire Job-Ready Talent

  • Complete form to set up a meeting
  • We’ll get together to discuss your needs
  • We’ll develop a plan that works for you
  • After hiring, we’d love your feedback
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