About Us

A Leader in Online Tech Education

Igniting human potential with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in tech.

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Our Mission

We produce outcomes-driven online tech education for motivated adult learners and organizations to activate and propel technology-focused careers.

Our Values

We hold our values closely as we strive to help our students, customers, and partners succeed.

We approach our work with a learning-oriented growth mindset, navigating challenges with courage and optimism.

We are respectful of others’ identities and perspectives, and we seek to understand different opinions and viewpoints, intentionally making space for everyone to be heard.

We bring together relevant stakeholders when performing cross-functional work, including cross-functional teams or projects when merited.

We accomplish goals and behave ethically and honestly. We avoid cutting corners or doing what’s minimally required.

We’re aware of how our work ignites human potential through skills and knowledge. We intentionally connect every role within the company to our purpose, mission, and values.

“With technology, I feel like I can do more. I can save people more time and bring more people together. With software engineering, I can make an even bigger impact because the world is changing so fast, only software can keep up.”

Kim Luu
Software Engineer at Intellivision Entertainment

Timeline of Our History in Online Tech Education

Both Galvanize and Hack Reactor are founded as technology-focused education trailblazers. The first Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamp is launched in San Francisco.

As a pioneer in online tech education, Hack Reactor launches the first online software engineering bootcamp.

Telegraph Track is introduced as a set of tech-industry-related resources designed to support women, people of color, Veterans, and those in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Galvanize formally acquires Hack Reactor, combining the forces of two coding school leaders.

Operation Level Up, the very first software development career skills program for transitioning service members, is launched.

Recognizing our leadership in adult online tech education, Stride Inc., a premier provider of innovative, high-quality, tech-enabled education solutions, including tutoring services, acquires Galvanize.

We are awarded a Prime contract with the Department of Defense to provide digital-skills training for active duty service members.

Moved by our belief that more people should have the opportunity to pursue this fulfilling career path, we launch a new coding bootcamp designed for those with zero to beginner-level coding experience.

We announced consolidation with another industry-leading tech educator, Tech Elevator. Both companies were acquired by Stride Inc. in 2020. The consolidation of operations brings together a hiring network of over 4,500 companies and an engaged association of over 18,000 alumni.

We’re Innovating Online Tech Education & Propelling Change

Our remote-first education makes coding training accessible for diverse groups of students. We’re working hard to change tech from within.

Academic Excellence

Our challenging, innovative curriculum is taught in a supportive online environment to help students learn in-demand software engineering skills and AI tools as they build the fortitude needed to succeed in their organizations and lead the way for others.

Strength Through Community

We surround our students with an engaged community of fellow students, instructors, staff, hiring partners, and alumni. Organizations in our network gain access to a diverse and skilled talent pool including Veterans and members of other underrepresented groups. Together, we form a vibrant community that’s changing online tech education.

Empowering Change

We empower the workforce of the future by broadening access to education and equipping learners to make an impact through tech. Our coding bootcamp graduates fuel innovation and growth in their current roles and beyond, creating a ripple effect that transforms lives, communities, and industries.

Why Our Approach Matters

“Historically, the software development industry hasn’t provided an accessible pathway for everyone to participate in the digital revolution as designers and developers. It is very important to Galvanize that we provide opportunity, participation, and representation in the software development industry because that’s how we will create systems that accommodate a greater number of people.”

Curtis Schlack
Chief Academic Officer at Galvanize

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