A Deep Dive into the Hack Reactor Admissions Process

What’s the Hack Reactor admissions process like? How long does the whole thing take? What does it take to be successful in a coding bootcamp? 

These and other admissions-related questions are common, and understandably so. Decisions related to education, career development, and career changes are big – and the better prepared you are, the better the outcome will be.

That’s why Course Report reached out to Jeffrey Pryor, our Enrollment Sales Manager, to ask questions about the overall Hack Reactor admissions process. In the wide-ranging interview, Jeffrey discussed the process, the types of jobs graduates are landing in today’s tech job market, and the differences between Hack Reactor programs.

When asked if there’s an “ideal” Hack Reactor applicant, Jeffrey noted that “we welcome all levels of coding experience and diverse backgrounds. Whether you’re new to coding or you’ve been teaching yourself to code, there’s a home for you in one of the Hack Reactor programs.”

Applicants can choose our Beginner program (for people with no coding experience) or Intermediate program (for people with some coding experience).

Common traits found in software engineers

During the interview, Jeffrey also touched on common skills and traits among applicants who get accepted into Hack Reactor programs. Among them are:

  • Strong soft skills like communication, collaboration, and composure, among others.
  • A growth mindset and understanding that this is a challenging, rewarding process.
  • A general understanding of the tech industry and software engineering profession.
  • The grit to navigate the intense schedule of the program and the job search upon graduation.

Visit Course Report to read the full interview, which includes more information about the Hack Reactor admissions process, how to prepare, and insight into the job search process after graduation.


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