Course Report interviews Galvanize on 2024 tech job market expectations

To help prepare software engineers for 2024, Course Report interviewed two Galvanize leaders to discuss what the tech job market will look like in the new year.

Lena Johnson, Galvanize Head of Career Services, and Zubair Desai, Galvanize Curriculum & Instruction – Lead Software Engineer, answered questions about the hard and soft skills software engineers need in 2024 and beyond. They touched on tech trends like generative AI, and talked in-depth about who’s hiring and what they’re looking for.

The importance of critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Zubair was quick to point out the sustained importance of solid coding fundamentals. That’ll never change, he noted, but in 2024, it should be considered only a starting point.

“If you deliberately improve your critical thinking/problem-solving skills, software engineering fundamentals, and teamwork experience, you can position yourself as someone who can safely leverage the latest technologies – including generative AI – many times over compared to someone who is only able to highlight their programming knowledge,” he said.

This can be accomplished through immersive training, like coding bootcamps, where the emphasis is on training the well-rounded software engineer. By mentioning generative AI, Zubair hit on what our team believes to be the biggest trend to come out of 2023, and it’s sure to grow in 2024. We teach the generative AI tool GitHub Copilot in our programs. This tool equips students to build on their coding fundamentals and enhance productivity by using the tool responsibly and ethically.

The key soft skills to help you get hired on the 2024 tech job market

In her part of the interview, Lena answered questions about career preparation and trends she’s noticed in 2023 that are likely to shine a light on the year to come. Among them, she highlighted the need for adaptability and resilience.

“Adaptable employees can maintain their performance and composure in the midst of shifting markets, tech trends, and unforeseen challenges,” she said. “Resilient employees can bounce back, learn, and stay positive in tough times, creating a workforce that is innovative, productive, and striving for improvement.”

These approaches can be cultivated in a variety of ways. In our programs, students are provided ways to strengthen them through the Career Services team, which provides related lessons and guidance. Adaptability and resilience are not only valuable for landing the job but also for sustaining a long, fulfilling career.

Read the full Course Report interview for more

You can read the full Course Report article here. It contains much more from Zubair and Lena, including a discussion of popular programming languages and important tools, as well as more on how our bootcamps help students position themselves well for the 2024 hiring market.

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