How grad Kody Low used VET TEC funding to launch a new career

Course Report recently interviewed Veteran and Hack Reactor graduate Kody Low, who used VET TEC program funding to attend our Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamp. He noted that VET TEC “is the single best program for anyone coming out of the military. There’s no downside to it whatsoever.”

VET TEC stands for: Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses. It covers tuition for a full-time, high-tech training program. The VET TEC program is offered through the Veterans Administration (VA) and it covers training for technology jobs without consuming Veterans’ GI Bill® benefits.

When Kody left the Marines, he first pursued a Master’s degree in computer science. Mid-degree, he paused his studies to go after a more hands-on, technical experience in a coding bootcamp. He chose Hack Reactor based on reputation and curriculum, and because we’re a preferred partner of the VA, he could apply his VET TEC benefits to fully cover his tuition.

“By the end of Hack Reactor, I was able to look at a technical problem and confidently create a solution to it,” he said. “Hack Reactor’s biggest takeaway was the confidence of knowing you can ship an application to solve a technical problem for a user.”

In the Course Report interview, Kody talks about how he’s been able to apply that technical knowledge to a career in tech. He started as a backend developer and is now the Head of Developer & Product Support at Fedi, described as a “superapp” that combines “chat, money, and more in one private app run by and for communities.”

Learn more about Kody’s work, his passion for Bitcoin, his advice for Veterans interested in using VET TEC funding, and a lot more in the full Course Report interview.

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