Galvanize is here to help you take control of your career, both during and after your immersive bootcamp. Beginning during the first week of your program, our Career Services team will work with you to develop important personal branding, networking and interviewing skills. Our goal is for you to not only succeed in the classroom, but to develop a successful post-graduation job search strategy.

Here to Help You Find a Job

Our Career Services Managers will prepare you for your post-graduation job search. From leading in-class workshops to holding private study hours, our managers will help you establish career goals and continually monitor your progress throughout the program.

Career Prep Curriculum

Personal Branding

Quarter 1

Learn how to communicate your new technical skills by creating and perfecting a personal brand. Discover how to use your resume to make a good first impression with employers and how to leverage social media to showcase who you are as a professional.


Quarter 2

Build and expand your professional network by establishing new industry connections at Galvanize networking events. Learn how to successfully showcase your portfolio to industry leaders as well as employers outside the tech industry.

Job Searching

Quarter 3

Discover the types of jobs and career paths available to you with your new technical skills. Learn how to determine if your skills align with a job description and find out where to look for new business opportunities.

Galvanize prepares you to get a job with Data Science Capstone projects.


Quarter 4

Prepare for the interview process with mock interviews with our Career Services team. From researching potential employers and discussing compensation to asking insightful questions and maintaining your demeanor under pressure, we’ll share tips to help make interviewing less stressful.

Learn Full Stack JavaScript (JS) at Galvanize's Coding Bootcamp.

Ongoing Support

Quarter 4 & Post-Graduation

Our Career Services team doesn’t stop working for you until you start working for someone else and you will receive ongoing support from Galvanize after graduation.