Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamp Student Projects

With these examples as inspiration, imagine what you’ll build as a student in one of our coding bootcamps.

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Create a Project Portfolio to Impress

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When you graduate from any Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamp, you’ll have a robust project portfolio demonstrating that you’ve become a full-stack software engineer.

With your new project portfolio, you will:

  • Impress employers
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency
  • Showcase both autonomy and teamwork
  • Highlight your creativity

Learn about Hack Reactor Bootcamps

“[I was interested in] the program’s focus on practical front-end, back-end, and full-stack projects. I wanted the ability to get exposed and have those projects on my resume…The size of the projects was useful and helped with the job search.”

Iris Huang
Software Engineer Apprentice at Airbnb

Explore Coding Bootcamp Student Projects

A combination of technical ability and unleashed creativity is on full display in these coding bootcamp student projects.


An app that connects current and aspiring software engineers with mentors who have real-world experience.


An app to help travelers avoid tourist traps and find great local spots.

Blue Plate

A platform to discover flash deals from restaurants to consumers.

Town Hall

A project management app to help users organize complex projects, assign tasks, and collaborate.

Nimble Code

A code typing game that allows users to improve their coding abilities in interactive ways.


A web app that helps users move into any new area by providing critical information about its neighborhoods.


A React Native app that opens connections across the globe.

Ready to Start Building?

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