Choose Your Study Path

Whether you’re comfortable learning on your own or thrive in a group setting we’ve designed online prep courses to meet your needs. Our prep courses teach the key concepts needed to succeed in any software engineering bootcamp, including our own. Course modules build from software engineering basics to more complex problems, enhancing your technical proficiency with every hour of study to prepare you for our Technical Admissions Assessment.

Basic Prep


Basic Prep is an individual, self-paced study program that lets you learn software engineering on your own. Prepare for a coding bootcamp with the freedom and flexibility to develop a personal study schedule and work through each module to refine your JavaScript and coding knowledge.

  • Online, self-paced study
  • Flexibility to study when and where you want
  • Standard solutions for intermediate exercises

Premium Prep

Most Popular$250

Premium Prep allows you to develop foundational JavaScript skills in a group setting. This structured prep course is taught online in a live setting and is offered on a full-time or part-time basis. Ask questions during class hours, monitor your progress, and interact with your peers.

  • Course cost applied toward immersive tuition
  • Live online group study
  • Help Desk support during class hours
  • Group feedback on intermediate exercises
  • Early access to immersive pre-course materials

What You’ll Learn

With more than 175 practice exercises and up to 90 hours of material, our software engineering prep course is designed to prepare you for admittance into any web development bootcamp. Specifically, this course allows you to experience the types of questions you’ll encounter during our required Technical Admissions Assessment.

Learn Software Engineering Basics

Develop a basic understanding of JavaScript syntax and gain the necessary skills needed to solve simple problems before diving into the main prep material.

Master the Building Blocks

Perfect your usage of basic JavaScript concepts and begin creating functions before proceeding to more difficult challenges.

Learn to Write Clean Code

Organize and structure your code while maintaining consistency and prepare for the questions you’ll be asked during your Technical Admissions Assessment.

Galvanize prepares you to get a job with Data Science Capstone projects.

Live Performance Practice

Take the coding techniques you’ve mastered and practice presenting them either with your Premium Prep cohort or on your own.

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