What is My Experience Level?

Little to no exposure to programming languages or Computer Science concepts. Might know HTML and CSS but does not have experience or knowledge in JavaScript.

Some exposure to programming. Familiar with JavaScript or may know another scripting language (Python, Java, etc.). Might have majored in Computer Science.

Knows JavaScript and is familiar with Computer Science concepts. Has been potentially a front end developer for a year.

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Once You Apply

If you submit your application less than three weeks prior to the start date, you may still be eligible to join that cohort. However, this may reduce the number of available Technical Admissions Assessment dates and times.

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Coding Challenge

After submitting your initial application, you will complete a coding challenge and then complete a Technical Admissions Assessment prior to admittance into our Software Engineering Immersive program. Upon successful submission of the coding challenge, you’ll be directed to book your Technical Admissions Assessment. During the Technical Admissions Assessment, you’ll be asked to use functions in JavaScript to solve small problems. You may take the Technical Admissions Assessment up to three times. After this assessment, an Enrollment Advisor will relay next steps within two business days.

Technical Admissions Assessment Deadline
In order to have enough time to complete the enrollment process and pre-course the latest you can schedule the Technical Admissions Assessment is 4 weeks prior to the immersive start date.

Technical Admissions Assessment

You should be comfortable with callbacks in JavaScript, how to pass functions as arguments to other functions, and how to use both anonymous functions and functions stored in variables as callback arguments.

It will also be essential that you have a strong foundation in composing and using objects, arrays, and functions. Including questions like:

  • What arguments are provided to each function and what are their types?
  • What, if anything, gets returned out of a function?
  • How and when do you use anonymous functions?

Soft skills are equally as important to us as technical chops. You should be able to explain your thought process as you work through a problem. This is a key skill not only as a Galvanize student but as a software engineer in the professional world.

Once You've Been Accepted

Your first 2-6 weeks

  • Submit Enrollment Once You've Been Accepted into our Software Engineering bootcamp

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  • Begin your PreCourse Work for the Hack Reactor Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp

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  • Complete your Data Science Coding Challenge or Pre-course Material

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  • Begin your Software Engineering or Data Science Coding Bootcamp at Galvanize

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What to Expect Once You are Accepted

Enrollment Agreement

One to two business days after receiving notice of your acceptance, you’ll receive a Student Enrollment Agreement. Your Enrollment Agreement is valid for seven days from receipt.

Program Deposit

After completing your enrollment agreement, you’ll receive a program deposit invoice. Submitting your deposit within three days of receiving this invoice will ensure your cohort seat. If you wish to defer to a later cohort, notify your admissions team or the registrar at least three weeks prior to your original start date.

Precourse Work

Prior to starting your immersive program, you’ll be required to complete the Precourse curriculum remotely. The Software Engineering Immersive Precourse curriculum takes 90-120 hours to complete. You will walk away with a strong foundation in Javascript, HTML, CSS, and more. This will prepare you for an incredibly intense learning experience.

Tuition Payments

Students who do not finance their immersive program have two payment options:

  • Upfront during the first week of class.
  • Split into two payments.

(Refer to your Enrollment Agreement for exact payment dates and amounts)

Note: Software Engineering students in San Francisco will automatically have their tuition split into two payments.

Our Team

Our team is here to help ensure your success throughout the admissions process.

Michael Frank

Enrollment Operations Manager

Our Enrollment team ensures that our students have the resources and support they need to enroll into our programs.

Muhammad Meigooni

Head of Prep

Our Prep team ensures that our Prep courses accurately prepare students with the key concepts needed to succeed in any software engineering bootcamp.

Brittany Fischer

Enrollment Operations Manager

Our Enrollment team ensures that our students have the resources and support they need to enroll into our programs.

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