Galvanize is committed to helping those with the aptitude, drive and determination to pursue a career in technology. We have a number of different methods to provide financial support to individuals accepted into our Web Development and Data Science Immersive programs. Whether it be through standardized tuition discounts offered to underrepresented groups in technology, lending partners, or other special discount options - we work hard to ensure that your focus is on thriving in the tech industry.

Galvanize Discount Options

Standard Tuition Discounts

Galvanize is proud to offer a new standard discount program for underrepresented groups in tech. These are determined based off of demographic information you provide on your application. Upon application submission and discussion with an admissions advisor, you will know your eligible discounts prior to enrollment.

Part Time Course Fee Credit

Galvanize encourages students to participate in part time courses designed to prepare them to excel in immersive programs. Upon enrollment in an immersive program, any fees paid for part-time course(s) through will be credited towards immersive tuition. Check out our part-time courses →


Students also have the ability to acquire award funding from an external sources. Past sponsorship programs have included IBM, Google for Entrepreneurs, Adobe, Silicon Valley Bank, Women Who Code, Atlassian, and many more. Connect with our admissions team to learn more →

Our Lending Partners

Galvanize works with two lending partners, SkillsFund and Climb Credit. Both organizations offer lending options for accepted Galvanize students, and both share all details about their plans online. If you decide to apply for a loan, you will do so after being accepted to a Galvanize program. For more information, please visit their respective landing pages below.

"I love coding. I love to be able to solve problems, creating beautiful and functional technology. I am so pleased that I chose this as my new career path and Galvanize offered financial options that allowed me to achieve my dreams.”

- Karen Kelly, Web Development Immersive GraduateFull-Stack Software Developer at Alchemy Systems

Learn more about the daytime Web Development Immersive.

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