Hack Reactor Application Part I: The Coding Challenge

The first step in our admissions process is a simple coding challenge. The test is not meant to be particularly difficult, and we encourage anyone comfortable with basic JavaScript concepts to give the challenge a try.

That said, many people are intimidated by the Admissions Challenge, and want to make sure they have their bases covered before they dive in. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for the initial coding challenge, which will also lay the groundwork to prepare for the technical interview (the other main step in our admissions process).

Familiarize yourself with core JavaScript concepts

You’ll want to know what an object, function, and array are, and you should be able to create a basic version of each one. Codecademy and many other sites provide sandboxes to write code and see what it does.

If you struggle with any of these concepts, check out Codecademy’s JavaScript track or Eloquent JavaScript, especially chapters 1-5. We also offer a free, online Prep course–the best and most thorough training for anyone working toward an immersive coding bootcamp.

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Our admissions process starts with a simple coding challenge.

Go for it

If you can create an object, write a basic function and reference a specific item in an array, you are ready for the first part of the admissions challenge.

What if I fail the Admissions Challenge?

You can’t! You will not have the option to move on until your code passes the challenge. We only begin evaluating your specific candidacy at the technical interview stage. The admissions challenge serves as a gateway to the next stage, but there are no additional negative consequences to not completing this stage of the process. (Please note that this is not the case for the technical interview. We will discuss this next stage of the process in an upcoming blog post.)

Okay, but what if I cannot complete the Admissions Challenge?

Keep at it. Review the materials mentioned above, follow us on Meetup and join our events, as we sometimes host or sponsor short beginner-friendly courses. Try our Prep course, designed with our admissions process in mind. Solicit help from a friend familiar with JavaScript to solidify your comfort with objects, functions and arrays. Lastly, resist the temptation to get help on the specific tasks of the Admissions Challenge. The concepts tested are a necessary base for you to move forward in our process, and you will be best served by using the challenge to ensure your facility with them.

Once you’ve conquered the Admissions Challenge, read about how to handle Part II: The Technical Interview.

Read on for more details. Ready to take the admissions challenge? Apply today!

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