Veterans: Fund Your Coding Bootcamp through VET TEC

MedCerts is pleased to partner with our sister company, Galvanize, to offer you an opportunity to use your VET TEC benefit. Get the skills-based training you need to land a high-paying job in tech. See how you can become a software engineer in just 12-19 weeks.

Why GALVANIZE Coding Bootcamps?

Join a Strong Community in Your Coding Bootcamp

In our immersive coding bootcamps, you’ll learn from passionate instructors and graduate into an active alumni community.

Passionate Instructors

Our experienced Instructors are software engineers with a focus on mentorship and teaching. These leaders help students of all backgrounds succeed.

Challenging Coursework

In your coding bootcamp, you’ll learn leading technologies. Our rigorous curriculum will prepare you for the job market.

Strong Network & Community

Hack Reactor graduates stay connected online, host cohort reunions and networking events — and welcome new alumni with open arms.

Transformative Training

Our graduates say again and again that you learn more than tech skills in our coding bootcamps. Learn how to build a career in the tech industry.


Why Software Development?

Software Developer was just named best job in America. You can transition seamlessly into a job in tech, and we can help.

Fully-Funded Bootcamp Training

VET TEC covers tuition for a full-time, high-tech training program, along with funding for housing during the training.

A Lifelong Career

Find your new purpose in a career that challenges you, and offers the financial freedom to fulfill your professional (and personal) goals.

1:1 Career Coaching

Get the career coaching you need to enter the working world feeling confident and prepared.

A Strong Veteran Community

Join a lifelong community of like-minded Veterans who are also looking for a fresh start.

Ready to start your career change today?

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