Meet recent coding bootcamp scholarship recipients (November 2022)

We’re proud to offer full-tuition scholarships on a rolling basis that seek to create new paths into tech for more students. Below, meet some of the recent recipients of both our Galvanize Scholarship and our We Stand Together Scholarship.


We Stand Together Scholarship
Full-tuition scholarships for students applying to our Beginner Coding Bootcamp who identify as Black or African-American.
We Stand Together scholarship recipient Yonah Austin

Yonah Austin is a South Carolina native excited about this opportunity to start a new career path in technology. She is a business management major currently working for an insurance company. In addition to being grateful for the scholarship, Yonah is looking forward to beginning her software engineering journey with Hack Reactor. Yonah has always been fascinated with software development/engineering, and she is thrilled about the opportunity to get a hands-on learning experience. She understands the significance of being an African American woman in technology. She is willing to do what it takes to be a successful and positive representation for others to follow.

We Stand Together scholarship recipient

Alexa Randolph is a Miami, FL native who has always had a passion for problem-solving. She graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Risk Management and has over four years of insurance industry experience ranging from start-ups to global companies in New York City. During the pandemic, she used the extra time she had to begin learning about computer science principles which led to the decision to pursue changing her career path. She is new to software engineering, however, she has always enjoyed learning about technology and seeing the benefits it brings to society. If she isn’t coding you can find her at the gym, beach, or exploring a new city.

We Stand Together scholarship recipient Kethlyn Africa

Kethlyn Africa
is from the Commonwealth of Dominica and is a resident of Houston, Texas. Her background includes working as an analytical chemist, chemistry instructor, academic consultant, and academic editor. Kethlyn thrives in a learning environment and continuously identifies new opportunities to learn and grow. She loves learning and embraces every aspect of the process: challenges, researching, making mistakes, getting feedback, unlearning, relearning, and disseminating knowledge. Thus, she is elated to be a recipient of this scholarship and embark on this Beginner Coding Bootcamp.

Galvanize Scholarship
Full-tuition scholarships for students applying for either our Beginner or Intermediate Coding Bootcamps who identify as belonging to one or more groups that are historically underrepresented in tech.
Galvanize scholarship recipient Abbey Wang

Abbey Wang
grew up in the Bay Area and graduated with a bachelor of science in nursing from Samuel Merritt University in Oakland. For the past 5 years, she has been an ICU registered nurse who has found a passion for social justice, community health, and healthcare innovation. Throughout the COVID pandemic she took care of critically ill patients, and alongside other nurses, found many flaws in the healthcare system. With these flaws, she became inspired. She decided to steer her career pathway as a nurse toward software engineering. Abbey’s goal is to create solutions for these healthcare issues in order to help improve patient safety and nurse workflow. Her goal is to evolve the technology that healthcare workers use and hopefully make hospitals operate a little bit smoother during future pandemics and national emergencies.

Galvanize scholarship recipient Karis Courey

After fighting to fund her undergraduate studies, Karis Courey graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Akron’s Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering program. Throughout two subsequent years as a Quality Engineering Associate in Parker Hannifin’s highly selective Leadership Development Program, which permitted career exploration, Karis found her passion for software engineering and computer science while actively seeking opportunities to work as a Robotic Process Automation Developer. Upon this realization, Karis began working fervently to learn and grow as an amateur software engineer through means of taking free courses online, obtaining related certifications, and applying for Hack Reactor’s  Beginner Coding Bootcamp. Karis is privileged to have been selected to participate in the program, which will permit her to develop as a software engineer with Hack Reactor’s expert guidance, and she is exceedingly grateful to be granted the Galvanize Scholarship, which eases her financial concerns and will allow her to solely focus on becoming the best software engineer and alumna she can be. As a feminine individual who has always had interests in STEM fields, Karis is honored to continue to represent oppressed individuals in oppressed-group-dominated fields and is further humbled to represent Hack Reactor as the recipient of this scholarship.

Galvanize scholarships recipient Sara Kim

Though born in Boston,
Sara Kim was raised in Saipan, South Korea, then Dallas, TX as the eldest of four. Upon graduation from the University of Texas at Austin, she worked as a high school mathematics teacher during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when she developed an interest in technology. She was inspired to learn coding after recognizing it as a powerful tool for creating solutions. Sara looks forward to combining her passion for teaching with her growing interest in technology and hopes to give back to the community with the skills she develops in the Hack Reactor program. She is grateful for this scholarship and the opportunity to pursue a career in software engineering.

Galvanize scholarship recipient Simon Buret de Longagne

Originally from Belgium, Simon Buret de Longagne is a music director for musical theatre productions and a piano teacher. He studied piano in Belarus and then moved to San Francisco, California. He enjoys surfing, baking, and hiking. He is looking forward to making the first steps on his new career path with Hack Reactor. After graduating, he plans to work for a renewable energy company.


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