How to learn coding part-time while working full-time

Is it really possible for a beginner to launch a new career in coding on a part-time basis while working full-time?

When we designed our new Beginner Part-Time Coding Bootcamp, we took this question very seriously. We knew the answer was yes, and we were motivated to make it work by our belief that no matter what keeps you occupied during the week – a 9-5 job, caregiving responsibilities, or something else entirely – you should have access to a software engineering program that’s manageable for you to learn during the hours you have available.

The result is a 38-week program that’s challenging but manageable – one that de-risks the pursuit and launch of a new career in tech by addressing several key areas of concern, such as time, finances, and the job search.

Time: Less than 20 hours per week

We all know that feeling when it seems that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. When designing this course, our main concern was that a part-time program should fit into a full-time life – a life already crowded with work and activities. We asked alumni and prospective students about the amount of time they could spend learning each week while maintaining a full-time job. Nineteen hours came out as the optimal time commitment.

That’s why, during this program, students will need to dedicate approximately 19 hours per week to training for a new career in software engineering. This includes 12 hours per week in class and another 7 hours per week working on your own time. Our live online class sessions run Monday – Thursday evenings from 6pm – 9pm, and the remaining time is spent on lab work, projects, and preparing for the next week’s lessons, all of which you can do at a time that works best for you. See the sample schedule here.

It’s important to us that this schedule allows for flexibility while still providing the support you need. We offer live support on Fridays and weekends, complete with online Zoom rooms populated by staff from noon-4pm each of those days, so we’re available to answer questions and help you through problems when you have the time to dig into the material.

Money: Financial security while you learn

If you want to become a software engineer, but you also want or need to continue earning your current income, this part-time program is a great option for you. A part-time schedule can reduce some of the risk involved in a full-time program, allowing you to work while also training for a new career in tech in well under a year’s time.

Our part-time program is also eligible for a variety of financing options, including loans, split payment, and income-contingent financing like Income Share Agreements (ISAs) and Retail Installment Contracts (RICs), which allow you to pay tuition only after you land a job over the designated salary threshold. Learn more about all of our financial options.

Job Search: Look for a job while you have a job

That financial security extends into the job search. Of course, looking for a new job while you still have a full-time job can be a challenge in and of itself (considering the time needed to fill out applications, schedule interviews, etc.) – but not having to immediately worry about income after graduation is a huge relief. Plus, you won’t be in this job search alone. Our Career Services team will help you find opportunities, prepare for interviews, and negotiate offers.

You’ll also have access to our growing alumni network of 12,000+ Galvanize graduates who stay connected through events, Slack, and more, often sharing job opportunities and on-the-job tips and advice with one another. This community is an excellent resource to help you learn, grow, and connect as you look for a job and then continue forward in your new career.


The software engineering market is full of exciting opportunities and possibilities, and this new part-time program prepares you to meet them head-on as a job-ready software engineer after 38 weeks. You’ll graduate with the modern knowledge and skills that employers are looking for, ready to tackle on-the-job challenges. And you can do all this on a manageable schedule with clear pathways for financial security while you learn and launch your new career.

Ready to get started? Learn more about our Beginner Part-Time Coding Bootcamp and start your application today.

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