How Itzel overcame adversity, became a dev, and founded a leadership program

In this three-part video series, we’re honored to get to know Itzel Martinez, who is currently a Senior Software Developer at Pandora and the Founder of the Latinas Engineering Leadership Program, and the co-creator of Dante & Itzel a YouTube channel where she shares her experience working in tech and provides practical advice to help folks enter and thrive in the tech industry. In our video series, Itzel shares her personal story, her professional accomplishments, and everything she wishes she knew before getting her start in software development

Itzel Martinez is dedicated to giving back to her community, and part of how she does this is by sharing her expertise with those who are just starting in tech. Below, Itzel shares her inspiring story in a three-part video series.

Part one: Itzel Martinez’s software development journey and overcoming adversity

In the first video of this series, Itzel shares an authentic account of her journey into Software Development. As a first-generation college student and Latina who studied computer science, Itzel faced unique challenges in her education, and these challenges didn’t disappear when she jumped into the competitive field of technology. Watch the video to learn how Itzel turned adversity into opportunity.

Part two: What Itzel wished she knew before becoming an engineer

In part two Itzel shares everything she wished she knew before her first day as a full-time software developer. She touches on what it’s like to navigate your first full-time coding role, what the day-to-day of an entry-level software engineer is truly like, how to excel in your first job and how to best set yourself up for a promotion.

Part three: tips and tricks on job interviews

The final video is filled with Itzel’s tips and tricks on how to land and nail your software development interviews. She also shares her advice on landing that dream coding job, how to stand out in a pool of applicants, and how to start strong on the first day of your job.

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