11 Tools That’ll Seriously Boost Your Online Boot Camp Experience

Online courses are an undeniably different experience from in-person classes, office hours, meetings and so on. While remote learning is intrinsically different, it offers benefits beyond what can be taught from traditional on-campus learning. In fact, online learning allows for more individual freedom, convenience and multitasking opportunities. However, it is possible to improve your online boot camp experience even further with coding and non-coding specific tools.

Check out these 11 tools that will boost your ability to be organized, focused and mobile while taking coding classes remotely.

Coding Tools:

1)     HackHands. Stuck on a problem and looking for extra help? HackHands can connect you with an expert programmer over their super user-friendly interface. HackHands experts are familiar with a huge range of languages and skill levels and are available for one-on-one tutor sessions 24/7.

2)     Udemy. Udemy is a great way to supplement your online coding boot camp experience. Udemy offers access to thousands of online courses that can be created and uploaded by anyone. Need to review Python? JavaScript? HTML/CSS? Udemy has you covered with quality courses that are often free.

Organizational Tools:

1)     Evernote. Evernote continues to be one of the most recommended note-taking tools out there.  Use the “notebooks” feature to organize your classes or create to-do lists and reminders to help you stay on top of your work. Evernote also works on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, so syncing between your devices is easy.

2)     Google Docs and Google Calendar.  A complement to Evernote, Google Docs and Google Calendar are a great way to stay connected with other students studying remotely. Google Docs is perfect for sharing and collaborating on projects and Google Calendar offers a simple, sleek platform to sync up with peers and professors.

3)     Video Not.es. Online courses almost always include video materials. Taking good notes that line up with video content isn’t easy. Thankfully, VideoNot.es allows you to take notes that are automatically synchronized with a video. Not to mention VideoNot.es is integrated with Google Drive for added convenience.

Focus Tools:

1)     Internet tab tools. We’ve all been there. You have what feels like a billion tabs open and you can’t find the one you’re looking for. Naturally, taking classes online will involve the need for various tabs to be opened so having a tool to organize your tabs is essential. Use Tabli to compile your tabs into vertical lists making it much easier to locate what you need. Or try out Tab Snooze to snooze tabs you don’t need now but will certainly use later.

2)     Distraction managers. Need to focus on your courses but Facebook, Twitter, Netflix or any of the endless distraction websites on the internet is distracting you? Use tools like StayFocusd or Cold Turkey to specify which websites you want to allow yourself to visit and which you want to block. Both tools are totally customizable – perfect for someone who needs to focus on their remote coding coursework.

3)     Noise-canceling headphones. These are a bit of a no-brainer but often overlooked. The great part about online classes is you do them anywhere. However, you may not always want to hear the barista at Starbucks calling “Oprah” to come pick up her drink for the hundredth time. Investing in a nice pair of noise-canceling headphones can seriously boost your focus and reduce unwanted distractions to help you cruise through your online boot camp.


Mobility Tools:

1)     A portable charger. Another no-brainer. However, investing in a good portable charger – complete with a lot of battery and extra USB ports to charge phones and tablets – will make taking classes online significantly more convenient. You won’t have to worry about not completing an assignment or not being able to connect with a peer because one of your devices is dead when you’re on the go.

2)     A portable Wi-Fi router. This goes hand in hand with a portable charger. Being able to access the internet when not conveniently on an airport’s or a café’s spotty Wi-Fi is crucial when enrolled in an online boot camp. Do work on your own schedule from anywhere with the help of a portable Wi-Fi router.

3)     A wireless mouse.  Wireless mice are a game changer when it comes to taking classes online. While it might seem like a detail to use a wireless mouse, they increase your functionality drastically. When you’re on the go, trackpads are sufficient for scrolling through Facebook, but not for taking online courses.

You’ve got the tools. Now you’re ready to tackle an online boot camp. Check out Hack Reactor’s online full-time immersive and part-time programs that you can complete remotely from anywhere.

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