Galvanize and Tech Elevator Announce Operational Consolidation

We’re excited to share the next phase of our journey. Today marks the announcement of a consolidation process between two industry-leading organizations in tech education: Galvanize and Tech Elevator.

Creating a True Force in Technology Education

Galvanize and Tech Elevator were acquired by Stride Inc. in 2020, and since then, have been focused on independently growing their product portfolios and enrollments. To capitalize on the significant opportunities ahead, we are bringing these companies together to form a single operating entity. The consolidation of operations will bring together a hiring network of over 4,500 companies and an engaged association of over 18,000 alumni. We will continue to offer an unmatched educational and training experience for students and valued partners.

Navigating Forward

We’re excited about the opportunity to bring the best of both companies together to create a true force in technology education. As a consolidated entity, we foresee the following:

  • Broader Reach, Deeper Expertise: Together, our organizations will have a national reach and community presence supported by deep technical expertise.
  • Increased Resources to Drive Outcomes: Students will access the best options, from programs to learning formats to career support and employer connections.
  • Reimagined Customer Experience: Melding our operations will enable us to serve customers better.
  • An Expanded Platform for Innovation: Building a shared infrastructure will fuel continued program innovation to equip more adults with in-demand tech skills more quickly.

To Our Students and Partners

Our unwavering commitment to exceptional tech education and career outcomes remains central to our purpose. All current and future cohorts will maintain their high quality of service and structure. We value your trust in us and are eager to explore how we can enhance our ability to meet your technology training and workforce needs.

Driving the Industry Forward

This consolidation represents an essential milestone in our journey to build a transformational force in technology education. Individually, we have demonstrated a track record of delivering extraordinary value to our students and partners. Collectively, we will push new boundaries and drive the industry and adult education forward in exciting and impactful ways.

Galvanize and Tech Elevator share a commitment to student outcomes and a passion for equipping the tech workforce of tomorrow. By combining expertise, this union strengthens our ability to fulfill that promise and continue to change lives through technology education.

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