Beginner Coding Bootcamp graduate featured in Course Report

Beginner Coding Bootcamp graduate Victoria Ziegler was recently interviewed by Course Report about her experience in our 19-week beginner program, her job search, and what she’s up to now as an Associate Application Engineer at BEKHealth.

Like so many others in the beginner program, Victoria came from a field very different from tech. She was on track to become a medical doctor before enrolling.

“Most of my cohort were people who didn’t choose computer science in college and were getting into tech later in life. We also had younger folks who chose a coding bootcamp instead of college. The majority of people were making a big life change into a tech career, which made a welcoming environment,” she said in the interview.

Victoria’s medical experience – including earning a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences, completing the MCAT, and working as a medical assistant – ties into her new role at BEKHealth, where she works on converting electronic medical records data, among other responsibilities.

“I have a lot of experience in clinical research and medical charting systems, so that was a major benefit to starting this role. I understand a lot of the data they’re working with and can manipulate it,” she said.

To learn more about Victoria’s journey into tech, her experience applying to jobs as a coding bootcamp graduate, and the advice she has for other beginners, read the full Course Report interview.


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