Announcing our updated student outcomes

When we started Galvanize in 2012, it was our goal to provide everyone a more accessible path to sustainable, high-paying technology careers. Since then, we’ve graduated more than 8,000 students, expanded into nine campuses across the country, introduced industry-leading online education programs, and recently launched the most student-friendly ISA of any coding bootcamp.

We have a public responsibility to represent accurate graduate outcomes and give the next generation of students a clear understanding of what they can expect after graduating from our programs. Central to our mission is to deliver exceptional student outcomes and that’s why we’re excited to announce our new guidelines for reporting student outcomes alongside the latest outcomes data from the second half of 2019.

Announcing G.R.A.D.

We are excited to announce our new student outcomes reporting standard, GRAD, the Graduate Results Advertising Directive. This new outcomes reporting standard will ensure our student outcomes remain transparent and dependable as the primary means for prospective students to assess the rigor of our schools. GRAD not only publicly showcases our methodology for collecting, documenting, and auditing student outcomes data, it also holds us strictly accountable for clear and honest advertisements of student outcomes data. Click here to dive into the standards of GRAD.

Alongside the publication of our new standard, GRAD, we are also pleased to share our first ever GRAD Report covering the second half of 2019. We adhered strictly to GRAD in our production and publication of this report, which publicly discloses data on the job search success of students who graduated from Galvanize and Hack Reactor between June 1st, 2019 and December 31st, 2019. Click here to dive into our latest audited GRAD Report for the second half of 2019.

Looking back, we believe it’s important to reflect on some of our alumni who helped make our industry-leading outcomes possible. Our data science and software engineering bootcamps are well-known for their academic rigor. Students must work hard and study diligently in order to succeed. As a result, we owe the success of our program to the students who devote themselves to learning new career skills at Galvanize. Looking back on the experience, here’s what a few of our alumni had to say:

“The focus on hiring and interview preparation at Hack Reactor made a big impact on my interview experience, and the skills and tips we learned continued to be helpful in my second job search. I also made lifelong friends!” (Laura Knight, Senior Software Engineer at Square)


“I have been able to work as a software engineer at three different, incredible companies. I’ve been able to pick up forgotten hobbies now that I have my evenings back, and I’ve worked on projects I’m immensely proud of. I currently work as a Technical Lead/Senior Software Engineer at CNN where I work on all things video. It’s the most challenging and rewarding job I’ve had, and I couldn’t be happier!” (Jessica Wolvington, Senior Software Engineer at CNN)


“There are particular assignments and experiences that directly prepared me for day one of my job as an engineer. The support of the instructors and staff got me and my cohort across the finish line and into a job. I never would have been able to do this on my own without them. Then there is my cohort and the friends I’ve made from it who some I count as my closest friends to this day.” (Shanan Sussman, Staff Software Engineer at Twilio)

As we look at our latest outcomes report we’re incredibly proud of folks like Laura, Jessica, and Shanan, but we are not ones to rest on our laurels. Our Career Services team is continually iterating to improve our programs and curriculum to meet the challenges of a changing job market. Some recent iterative improvements include launching a post-graduation support system designed to offer more structure for first-time job seekers, a deeper roster of employer partnerships, and the internal deployment of data analytics to tighten the feedback loop between industry practices and our graduates’ job search strategy.

If you’re interested in changing your career and joining our alumni family, take a look at our software engineering or data science bootcamps, and see what you can expect with our latest student outcomes report.

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