6 Benefits of a Part-Time Online Coding Bootcamp

If you’re someone interested in attending a coding bootcamp but don’t have the ability to attend a full-time coding bootcamp, you may want to consider attending a part-time program instead.

Here are 6 benefits of going to a part-time online coding bootcamp:

1.    You don’t have to quit your job

One of the greatest prohibitors to attending a full-time, immersive bootcamp is having to give up your job to attend. For many people, this simply isn’t a viable option – whether they’re taking care of their families or can’t afford to give up a steady income for an extended period of time. Choosing a part-time coding bootcamp allows you to uphold your responsibilities while learning to code.

2.    You can attend from anywhere in the world

Coding bootcamps tend to be located in select major cities. If you don’t live in a big city like New York or San Francisco, it may not be possible for you to relocate to attend a bootcamp. With an online coding bootcamp, you have the freedom to attend lectures from the comfort of your own home – regardless of if you live in a bootcamp’s hub city.

3.    There’s a structured learning environment

Many people who attempt to teach themselves coding give up or taper off after just a few weeks. If you’re someone that learns best in a structured learning environment but there are no classes near you, an online coding bootcamp is a great solution. You’ll be able to follow a guided curriculum online with the accountability of a classroom environment.

4.    You learn to collaborate with others

An important skill for any budding engineer to develop is teamwork. While coding itself can be a solitary activity, most developers work with others on a daily basis to develop and build software. Though you can learn to code on your own, the group environment of a coding bootcamp teaches you to work with others – a crucial skill. Pair programming is a hallmark of Hack Reactor, and is an important part of our remote bootcamps.

5.    You have individual access to instructors

One of the biggest contributors to a student’s success is having strong mentorship, which you simply can’t get by learning on your own. Your instructors will take time to explain questions to you, work with you outside of class time and answer emails after hours. This kind of one-on-one access to high-quality coding instructors is imperative to your growth as a developer.

6.    You have a strong peer community

A huge advantage of attending any coding bootcamp is the community of people you’re going through the experience with. Throughout the program, this will be available through video hangouts and group chats. Having the support of peers is crucial – not just for learning to code, but also throughout the job search process after the bootcamp ends.

For example, in Hack Reactor’s online coding bootcamp, you’ll learn with bright peers who are as smart, and as motivated as you, from all around the world. A tremendous amount of your time is spent collaborating and pairing with peers. You develop lifelong friends. Our 3,500+ alumni community over 5 years means you’ll find Hack Reactor grads almost everywhere, and there are many stories of students benefiting from alumni referrals or from the guidance of experienced alumni.

Lots of today’s online part-time learning options come with lots of compromises. Hack Reactor’s online part-time bootcamp is built to mirror the in-person full-time course; with the same experience and effectiveness, the only difference is that it is stretched over 9 months instead of the typical 3 months.

Part-time, full-time, online or in-person – there are many avenues to receiving a coding education and beginning your career path as a developer. Only you can decide what’s best for you!

Learn more about Hack Reactor’s full-time and part-time programs. We’re in SF, Austin, NYC, LA and live online!

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