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“When I first approached Hack Reactor, I just thought I’d get in and get out…then get a job. But to my surprise, I got so much more than I bargained for. I got a wonderful instructional team, cohort mates, and also learned how to code and problem-solve like an engineer.”

Joyce Ma
Software Engineer at Twilio

Why Galvanize?

Coding Education for Every Background

Build your coding and career skills as you connect with a diverse community of students, instructors, staff, and alumni working together across industries.

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Innovative Curriculum

In as few as 12 weeks, our software engineering bootcamp graduates learn in-demand coding skills and are ready to launch new carers in the tech sector.

Supportive Community

You’ll have access to a supportive and passionate community of students, instructors, staff, and alumni.

Embracing AI

We infuse our programs with AI tools like GitHub Copilot so you’re ready to thrive alongside advancements in AI. With expertise in industry-leading AI tools, you’ll have a competitive edge in the job market.

Making Tech Accessible to Everyone

Online coding bootcamps offer a path to transformation. If you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll find new career opportunities.

Featured Instructor

Julian Yuen on Helping Students Learn & Grow

Instructor Julian Yuen wants to give voice to students and help them use tech to make the world a better place.

“If a student fails to understand something, [we ask] why that is, and if needed, we adapt our curriculum. It could be providing more visuals, additional sprint work, or curriculum work to address the gaps in their knowledge…It’s a mix of not just delivering content but also gaining fast feedback on what’s working and what’s not to tailor our teaching accordingly.”

Julian Yuen | Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamp Instructor

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Accessible Tech Education for Underrepresented Populations

We help learners who are members of underrepresented populations make an impact through tech.

More About Hack Reactor + Galvanize

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Full-Tuition Scholarships

Learn about our work with the Galvanize Foundation to fund full-tuition scholarships that seek to create new paths for members of underrepresented populations.

Telegraph Track Resources

Find out how we help underrepresented populations access resources and career connections with Telegraph Track.

Basic Prep Course

Start building on your JavaScript skills with this free prep course for applicants of our Intermediate Full-Time Coding Bootcamp.

Support for the Formerly Incarcerated

We support formerly incarcerated people through training programs in computer basics, programming, coding, and software development.

We Hack the Future

Transform Your Career Through a Software Engineering Bootcamp

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