Accelerate Your Workforce's Tech Skills

Designed to accelerate business growth, Galvanize's upskilling and reskilling programs combine industry-proven methodologies with business-customized curriculum to level up your technical talent.

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of employees report that they don’t have mastery of the skills necessary to do their jobs


of employees say their company is not able to give them the training they need.


of employees say they would be willing to upskill in order to become more employable

Challenge: Upskilling/reskilling at scale

“With thousands of people in our IT organization, how can I create a talent development plan that works for everyone?”

Solution: Upskilling and Reskilling Training

Whether you are looking to advance the skills of your teams or need to completely pivot a team or individual into a less obsolete position, Galvanize has developed upskilling and reskilling solutions that will propel your digital transformation from within.

Create tech agile teams in house

Need your team to improve current skills or learn entirely new ones? We are experts in delivering transformational training by customizing a curriculum from your organizations's use cases and tech stack.

During delivery, real-time student progress data and project-based learning will provide measurable ROI on your people, producing the talent you need to build balanced technology teams and fuel employee productivity.

Our Process


Our industry specialists will work with and evaluate your team, identifying advancement opportunities, workforce challenges or the need for a completely new set of up-to-date skills.


Using an education plan customized to your business and our proprietary Learn platform, our expert instructors train your workforce on the skills needed for your organization to excel.

Measurable ROI

Your employees continue working with their newly upgraded skillset, which enriches the lives of your team, improves day-to-day productivity, closes the skills gap and reduces reliance on outsourced talent.

"We discovered how to pair program and share code. We successfully upskilled two new hires. We migrated from R to Python. We came together as a team and are much better equipped to deal with the challenges of modern business than we ever were before.”

Charles Thibault, VP Data Analytics, IDT Corporation

Upskilling/Reskilling Insights

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