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Our management & executive workshops and training programs equip global business leaders and executives with the skills they need to guide tomorrow’s technology teams.

management workshops


of CEOs are concerned about lack of digital skills within their own workforce.


of companies struggle with adoption challenges when it comes to technology in their human capital portfolio. (PwC Talent Trends 2020)


of CEOs say remote collaboration is enduring. (PwC’s 2020 CEO Panel Survey, source)

Challenge: Management needs to understand tech

“Our executives and managers don't fully understand the possibilities of digital and need the skills to lead teams in new ways of working.”

Solution: Management Workshops

Our management workshops assist those who might not need to upgrade their technical skills, but need to understand the importance of transformation to the organization and how to lead their teams.

Exec tech workshops for YOUR business

Galvanize offers several management workshops that can be customized to meet specific goals and solve your workforce challenges. We will train and equip your leaders and executives with the skills they need to guide and grow your technology teams and accelerate business growth.

Example workshops

Data Science for Executives

Skills and mindset to transform your organization into a data and model-driven enterprise.


Establish a strategy and explore the key factors that make up a preparedness and response plan.


Learn to assess the cloud migration complexity for your existing infrastructure.

Seventy-four percent of organizations say reskilling the workforce is important or very important for their success over the next 12 - 18 monthes, but only 10 percent say they are very ready to address this trend”

Delloitte 2020 Global Human Capital Trends Survey

Corporate Training Insights

A Journey on the Digital Bandwagon (4 part series)

2021 State of the Market: Overcoming Technical Talent Shortages to Accelerate Digital Transformation

White paper: The Case for Upskilling vs. Buying Talent

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