Hack Reactor Remote Students Get to Know Each Other Through Virtual Home Tours

One element of Hack Reactor Remote that outsiders often don’t realize is how well students get to know each other. Classmates interact with each other throughout the day, and students often feel like the connections they have with each other are more immediate than those of a traditional classroom setting. In addition to the proximity provided by video and chat software, our Hack Reactor Remote coordinators help students get to know each other through different activities. One favorite is Hack Reactor Remote Cribs, in which students give the class a tour of their work space.

In this video, Hack Reactor Remote student Wyatt shows that his coding education is happening in a peaceful, bucolic setting with a chihuahua for company.

Though students are physically distant, from another perspective they are constantly interacting from their own personal spaces. The tours students provide for each other serve to fill out their backgrounds, so they can literally see where their classmates are coming from. Very often a Hack Reactor Remote Cribs tour provides insight into a classmate’s passions, hobbies and aesthetics.

In this next video, Hack Reactor Remote student Alonzo shows the art he uses for a jolt of inspiration, a couple of his hobbies, and some retro sports memorabilia. In just a couple of minutes, the class gets to know more about his personality and his past.

The friendships students make in Hack Reactor Remote often last long after the program. Students get together for reunions, vacations and, on one occasion, even skydiving! Some students even say that the friendships they created at Hack Reactor Remote are some of the best they’ve made in a long time. It’s not often that you get to know a group of people 66 hours a week over 12 weeks, while going through a transformative experience together. The structure of the course, combined with support from our staff creates lasting bonds between students.

Ready to embark on a code learning adventure with a committed group of classmates from your own home? Apply to Hack Reactor. Still need to study? We are piloting a free, self-paced, online course for aspiring learners.

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