Coding Bootcamps: Financial Aid, Deferment and Tuition

Coding bootcamps are becoming increasingly more creative in the ways they help incoming programmers finance the cost of attending. Whether it’s scholarships for underrepresented groups in tech, partnerships with groups like UpStart, or payment plans for those who grew up in difficult socio-economic situations, going to coding bootcamp is becoming more financially doable all the time.

The overall cost of going to coding bootcamp is far less than college, which can be upwards of $100,000. You’ll also learn more relevant engineering skills at a faster rate and be job ready by the time your course is over, which is usually just 2-3 months.

Coding Bootcamps: Financial Options

Recently Hack Reactor’s cofounders and team members answered four questions on Quora about the topic of financing coding bootcamp. Check them out below:

The most common coding bootcamp financial option is deferral. This option is available to all applicants, but decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Other ways to finance tuition include, loans from friends or family, or asking to be placed in a future cohort to give yourself time to save money.

It is a much safer bet than going the university or student loan route.

Hack Reactor maintains a fairly flexible admissions calendar. If we feel you’re talented and meet the qualities that we look for in applicants, we have the ability to put you in a future cohort, but like we said, those decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

If you see the word cultural fit, know that what we really mean are the four qualities mentioned here: 

1. Dedicated and curious coders. 2. Clear, empathic communicators. 3. Passionate, intelligent learners. 4. Some programming experience. 

In conclusion, don’t let your financial situation deter you from applying to coding bootcamp. 

While we do not have a “no job, no pay deal” we’ve been able to hit a 98% hiring rate with average starting salaries over $100k. No other coding bootcamp has been able to match those results. We’ve graduated six cohorts and have not had any sort of legal issues with our graduates about payment.

There are a ton of programming skills you can pick up on the web, but more likely than not they won’t turn you into a professional software developer. No one really knows for sure how well online programming education is doing in actually getting people jobs. As for our ROI, it’s huge and explained in great detail here. 

Hack Reactor is best coding school out there, and our grads will vouch for the amazing experience we offer those learning to program.

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