What is the Hack Reactor Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA)?

The TAA is an online assessment which Hack Reactor Software Engineering Immersive candidates are required to pass before being accepted into the program and beginning their precourse studies.

Am I prepared to take the TAA?

We hope so! Be sure to read all the information below to make sure you’re prepared for the assessment. You can check out some example problems at the bottom of this page.

What are the deadlines for taking the TAA before the next immersive start dates?

You can see the TAA deadlines on our website:

Note that the deadlines might be different for scholarship applicants.

How can I get more information about the TAA?

In addition to the information on this page, there's a detailed FAQ here.

Application Process

What's the process for booking a TAA?

To book a TAA, in Galvanize Admissions Portal, you'll need to:

  1. Submit your initial application
  2. Complete a coding challenge
  3. Book your TAA session

Are there any restrictions on how many times or how frequently I can take a TAA?

Yes. In general, you may only attempt the TAA a maximum of 3 times and you are required to wait at least 2 weeks between attempts. Also, you may only have 1 upcoming TAA session booked at a time—multiple bookings are subject to cancellation.

How do I request accommodations for the TAA?

Galvanize is committed to providing students with disabilities equal access and participation in our programs as specified under applicable federal law. If you need an accommodation for the TAA, please follow the directions in this Academic Accommodations Policy document. Be sure to submit your request at least one week before your scheduled TAA.

What happens after I take the TAA?

After your assessment, an Enrollment Advisor will reach out to you with next steps within 3 business days.

The TAA Session

What's the format of the TAA?

Each proctored TAA session is approximately 75 minutes long. Although up to 20 candidates may be participating, you'll be working on the assessment problems by yourself. A session consists of:

  • A group introduction:
    • in a group Zoom room
    • 5 to 10 minutes
  • Individual work on the assessment problems:
    • in your own recorded Zoom room
    • help from proctors is available
    • 55 minutes (timed)
  • A group wrap up:
    • in a group Zoom room
    • includes a question and answer period
    • 5 to 10 minutes

What is the Assessment Tool?

The Assessment Tool is an online tool (web page) that you'll use during your TAA. The tool presents a series of problems that you'll work on. Within each problem, you'll be presented with a panel of instructions, a code editor panel, and a console output panel. You'll be able to write and run code within the tool.

Can I see what the Assessment Tool looks like?

Yes! You can familiarize yourself with a demo version of the tool by opening this link in the Chrome web browser.

Being Prepared

What are the basic JavaScript skills I'll need to know?

We expect you to be skilled with:

  • Initializing, comparing, and operating on simple data types, including numbers, booleans, strings, and "undefined"
  • Composing, accessing, and manipulating arrays and objects (both literals and variables)
  • Using basic logic operators (not, and, or)
  • Using flow control (loops and conditionals)
  • Understand functions, including passing/using arguments, returning values, and scoping of function variables
  • Using console.log to validate and debug code
  • Using code blocks (braces) and indentation properly

What else should I know?

You should know how to use JavaScript to solve problems, share your thought process, and demonstrate good soft skills. This includes being able to:

  • Develop a plan for solving a problem and articulate that plan out loud and/or through pseudocode
  • Avoid guessing and other undisciplined techniques
  • Avoid hardcoding for specific test data
  • Write clean code
  • Understand other people's (basic) Javascript code.
  • Strategize how to debug code that doesn't work
  • Respond well to new concepts and material
  • Communicate clearly and pleasantly with the proctors

How can I prepare for the TAA?

We recommend using our free self-guided Basic Prep program. You can access the Basic Prep curriculum here.

Additionally, there are a couple of problems to test your readiness below.

Example Problems

Problem 1

Given a list of non-negative integers and a target sum, find a pair of numbers that sums to the target sum.

function findPairForSum(integers, target) {
  // your solution here

// example
var pair = findPairForSum([3, 34, 4, 12, 5, 2], 9);
console.log(pair); // --> [4, 5]

Problem 2

Write the function detectNetwork. It should accept a string or a number for its cardNumber argument and, based on the provided cardData, return the appropriate network string (or undefined if there's no match).

var cardData = [
    'issuer/network': 'Visa',  // card issuer (network)
    prefixes: ['4'],	       // beginning digits
    lengths: [13, 16, 19]      // lengths of card numbers
    'issuer/network': 'Mastercard',
    prefixes: ['51', '52', '53', '54', '55'],
    lengths: [16]
    'issuer/network': 'American Express',
    prefixes: ['34', '37'],
    lengths: [15]
    'issuer/network': 'Diner\'s Club',
    prefixes: ['38', '39'],
    lengths: [14]

function detectNetwork(cardNumber, cardData) {
  // your solution here

// example
var network = detectNetwork('343456789012345', cardData);
console.log(network); // --> 'American Express'

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