To Our Veterans,

Galvanize would like to thank you for stepping forward when others step back. Military service comes with challenges and uneven trade-offs, and while there are occasional perks while you’re in, they tend to drop off once you get out. That’s why we’re proud to share this good news for vets… Galvanize has created a military discount for honorably discharged military veterans and retirees to get you on your way to a new career.

To show our gratitude for your service, speak to one of our program advisors to learn more about the financial options available for the following courses:

  • Web Development Immersive 6 month full-time course
  • Data Science Immersive 3 month full-time course

If you are ready to take the first step with a new career, we are standing by to speak with you.

The Galvanize full-time curriculum enables students to land their dream job, build a killer portfolio, and generally grow their network as well as themselves. We look forward to building your web development or data science skills in the near future!

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The Real Deal

Veteran Tyler Maier explains how he set sail on his new career

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