Talent as a Service (TaaS)

Change the sourcing game from a scarce pool of talent sought after by all companies to an abundant pool of talent trained to your specs, exclusively hirable only by you.

Let Us Be Your Talent Solution

The talent pools in the hiring market are scarce, and your organization is competing with all companies for the same talent. For large-scale hiring needs where talent is hard to find, we fill your talent pipeline with people trained to be productive today.

We create an overflowing pool of talented candidates who are trained on your tech stack and use cases and are exclusively available for hire by you.

Talent as a Service Process

Identify Talent Needs

We work with your business units to identify talent gaps, define a candidate entry point, and then reverse-engineer a curriculum and entry assessment to achieve the targeted outcome.

Talent Search

In partnership with our client, we develop a marketing campaign. We partner with universities, tech groups, and our community members, identify individuals with a potential to learn and grow, and then contact candidates who are a profile match.

Training and Placement

A company-specific curriculum is developed and integrated into training. Approved candidates complete training and are benchmarked throughout on progress by our instructors. Successful candidates begin working with the company immediately.

Featured Partner - Cognizant

Cognizant, one of the world's leading professional services companies, is partnered with Galvanize to hire experienced software engineers to work in its most in-demand business line building cloud native applications.

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