Carrie Scott on the crafty nature of software engineering

Today, we’re catching up with Intermediate Coding Bootcamp graduate Carrie Scott, who is a Software Developer for the Identity Engineering Services team at IBM.

What was your background before software engineering?

I had a Bachelor’s in Anthropology and I was halfway through an evening MBA program. I started my career teaching high school social studies, moving to Taiwan and teaching English, coming back to work in the financial industry, and then going to work at a blockchain startup as the HR director.

I knew that I wanted to get closer to the product, and once I started dabbling in code, I got hooked by how fun it was. I did not start out with any coding knowledge unless you count spreadsheets.

What did you hope to accomplish through the coding bootcamp?

I had a hunch that being part of a software development team was going to be fun and satisfying work. And I was right. While I was not primarily motivated by pay, having spent so much money and time on an MBA, I probably would not have allowed myself to go down this path if I wasn’t able to earn the equivalent of a business role.

What have you been able to achieve since graduating?

My first job was actually a flop. I was at IBM, which I was very happy about, but the work and the team were not a good fit for me. However, after about 9 months, I transferred to another team and now I LOVE my job!

I’ve been able to write lots of code and take a leadership role in our project. My boss has recognized my skills and potential and has given me a lot of responsibility when it comes to leading the project. It’s been very satisfying for me.

What was the most impactful part of the coding bootcamp for you?

The new skillset has been the most impactful thing. Not a ton of people know how to write software, so if you do, you are in demand.

Being a software developer, in my opinion, is a really fun job where you get to be crafty. Many teams use Agile and I also find this work style to be a great fit with my preferences. If it weren’t for Galvanize or an equivalent program, I wouldn’t have been able to get this job on this team.

What advice would you give to someone considering a coding bootcamp?

It’s very effective. I have 2 other Galvanize grads on my team. We were all well-prepared to be great at our work.