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Student Alumni

(all programs, since 2012)


Compensation Rate

(95.5% software engineering grads reported across all campuses)


Until you are employed*

*upon approval, after $100 deposit

Our alumni work at exciting companies around the world including:

Galvanize and Hack Reactor alumni work for Amazon
Galvanize Grads have worked for LinkedIn
Galvanize Grads have worked for Microsoft
Galvanize Grads have worked for Salesforce
Galvanize Grads have worked for Zenefits

Start thriving in a new career

Software is at the heart of how we connect with others, conduct business, and explore new ideas. Software engineers work on these projects and products that affect the lives of people around the world.

We believe more people should have the opportunity to pursue this fulfilling career path. Since 2012, we’ve successfully launched the careers of more than 8,000 software engineers – and we can launch yours, too, even if you have no coding experience.

If you commit 40 to 60 hours per week over 19 weeks, you’ll learn Python, you’ll learn JavaScript, and you’ll become a software engineer. We’ll help you land your first job, but we’ll go beyond that, too. We’ll train you to thrive in your new career for years to come.

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Upcoming Online Courses

Learn more about the Hack Reactor curriculum, application process, financing options, and more at an online info session with time for live Q&A.

Dec19 - May12

19 Weeks | Live Online | Central

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 7:00pm

Dec19 - May12

19 Weeks | Live Online | Pacific

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 7:00pm

Feb6 - Jun26

19 Weeks | Live Online | Eastern

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 7:00pm

Assessment Deadline: Jan 30

Feb6 - Jun26

19 Weeks | Live Online | Central

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 7:00pm

Assessment Deadline: Jan 30

Feb6 - Jun26

19 Weeks | Live Online | Pacific

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 7:00pm

Tuition Assistance

Please note: a $100 non-refundable deposit is required for all options except scholarships and Veteran benefits.

Income-Contingent Financing

Pay tuition when you're employed.

Pay Upfront

Pay the full tuition upfront and pay the first day of class.


Split Payment

Pay the first half of tuition day 1 of class, and pay the remaining balance at the midpoint.


Lending Partners

Finance your tuition by leveraging our lending partners: Ascent or Climb Credit.


Discover our Software Engineering scholarships here.

Veteran Benefits

Our 19-Week Software Engineering Immersive with JavaScript and Python is not approved by the VA to accept VA education benefits other than Veteran Readiness & Employment (VR&E). For more information, please contact

Module 1: Full Stack Architecture (Weeks 1-4)

You’ll dive straight into the world of a full-stack Web programmer. These subjects represent the core knowledge and skills that are used in nearly every software engineering job.

  • Turning software requirements into a running application with Python and Django, and Vanilla JavaScript
  • Writing HTML and CSS to build working and interactive Web applications
  • Using a relational PostgreSQL database to store and retrieve data for an application
  • Securing your Web application for appropriate data access

Module 1 Project (Weeks 5-6)

Your first project uses everything you’ve learned in the previous four weeks to build a meaningful full-stack Web application. You’ll design the database, write the server code to create the responses to drive the application experience, and author the client code to render an attractive, intuitive, and responsive Web application interface.

Module 2: Distributed Applications (Weeks 7-10)

Building on the robust knowledge learned in the first module, you’ll continue by exploring how to build even more complex Web applications using modern software architectural methods.

  • Using different protocols and formats to interact with data with messaging middleware
  • Applying the latest design and technical principles to create microservices
  • Creating stand-alone Web application front-ends using functional React, hooks, and Redux
  • Building near-real-time applications that automatically update all UIs with WebSockets and FastAPI

Module 2 Project (Weeks 11-12)

Your second project models how you work in a real-world software development team, utilizing the power of independent development in a collaborative environment. You and your team will use agile software development practices to individually build microservices that seamlessly work together to create a robust and scalable Web application.

Module 3: Data-Intensive Applications (Weeks 13-16)

Combine everything from the first 12 weeks with new skills to manage large amounts of data. Then learn development-security operations (DevSecOps) to harness the power of the cloud.

  • Using different types of persistent data stores for different kinds of data with MongoDB and Apache Kafka
  • Writing algorithms that work with different shapes of data
  • Planning, creating, and monitoring a continuous integration and delivery pipeline with GitLab Pipelines
  • Using cloud resources and services to scale and manage your applications with Nomad and Consul

Module 3 Project (Weeks 17-18)

You’ve spent 16 weeks learning how to build robust, scalable, and interesting Web-based applications. Now you get to show it all off by combining cloud-native services with your own custom code. Again working as part of an agile software development effort, you’ll design and build a durable and responsive Web application using a cloud platform.

Module 4: Career Services (Week 19)

At this stage, you’ll begin your job search, leaning on the many things you’ve learned from our Career Services team during your time in the bootcamp. We’ll be right by your side, helping you find, land, and negotiate terms for the job of your dreams. Career Services during your 19 weeks include:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Mock interviews
  • Portfolio and resume building
  • Professional development workshops
  • Networking exercises
  • Access to a broad alumni network

Are you a transitioning service member?

Looking for a Skillbridge or Career Skills Program? Check out Operation Level Up, our Military Career Skills Program.

Outcomes: Who Has Hired Our Software Engineering Students

Our bootcamp program prepares grads to work at today’s most prestigious and forward-thinking companies. Learn more about our student outcomes here.

Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Adobe
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Amazon
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Apple
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Facebook
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Google
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Paypal
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at LinkedIn
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Microsoft
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at NASA
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Salesforce
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Twitch
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Uber

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