Our part-time courses are ideal for employees and individuals who want to get more involved learning new development skills while maintaining a balance with other responsibilities.

Our part-time courses come in two forms: Evening/Weekend & Part-Time Flex. Evening/Weekend courses take place on a Galvanize campus and meet anywhere from once to twice per week. Flex courses give the flexibility to complete some coursework online, at home, at the student's own pace, but with the added benefit of attending optional weekly studio sessions where help is available from our instructors. Both options, Evening and Flex, create an opportunity to level-up skills while maintaining existing responsibilities.

2 Day Statistics Short-Course

2 DAYS | 6-8PM

Hack Reactor: Structured Study Program

Software Engineering Online Course
Part-Time or Full-Time

Not sure which part-time course is right for you? Get advice

Looking for a career change?

While part-time courses are a great way to pick up new skills or get a feel for a new occupation, they are not a substitute for a more in-depth, full-time learning experience. If you're looking to change careers and become a full-time software engineer or data scientist, take a look at what our immersive learning programs have to offer.

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