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Our live online Data Science Immersive program takes our industry-tested curriculum and makes it available to you no matter your location. State-of-the-art conferencing software allows you to interact with your instructors and classmates and get answers in real-time through messaging and web-chat features. Our Remote Data Science Immersive program is unable to accept students in New York.

Advance Your Data Science Career

At Galvanize, you gain more than an education, you develop a network. Our career team will help you identify your strengths, define your goals and connect you with our more than 1,000 hiring partners to ensure your career aspirations become a reality.

Solve Today’s Business Problems

Our Python-based curriculum introduces best practices in statistical analysis, machine learning, natural language processing and data visualization. You’ll examine case studies and master the tools and techniques needed to not only advance your career but also solve today’s greatest business problems.

Learn Alongside the Brightest Minds

Our highly motivated students come from a variety of backgrounds including data analysis, engineering and mathematics. You’ll work alongside a cohort of driven peers as well as develop meaningful connections with our team of experienced, world-renowned faculty.

Preparing to Apply

Our Data Science Immersive bootcamp is rigorous and requires students to possess aptitude, determination and drive before joining a cohort. Although applicants come from a variety of backgrounds including academia, computer science, math and engineering, they all have experience programming in Python and a significant knowledge of math, statistics and probability needed to pass our Technical Interview required for admittance.

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13 Weeks



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Aug19 - Nov15

Remote Data Science Immersive

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*Placement rate and average starting salary based on 2014-2017 Placement Data

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"I have only been at Payoff for 4 months, but I’ve already been given a 10k/year raise. They wanted to let me know how much they value what I am doing for the company, and that's mostly me executing on the knowledge I gained at my time at Galvanize."

Bryan Smith, Senior Data Scientist at Payoff

What You Will Learn

Quarter 1

Data Science Fundamentals: Python and Statistics

Students jump right into a Python-based curriculum where we explore and learn best practices in statistical analysis, including frequentist and Bayesian methods. By using software engineering best practices and pairing programming with fellow students from different backgrounds, students master fundamental data science concepts.

Quarter 2

Machine Learning & Real-World Case Studies

In the second quarter we start diving into machine learning, working on real problems in classification, regression, and clustering utilizing structured and unstructured data sets. We’ll discover libraries like scikit-learn, NumPy, and SciPy, and use real world case studies to root our understanding of these libraries to real world applications.

Quarter 3

Natural Language Processing & Data Visualization

In our third quarter we add natural language processing and recommender systems to our body of data science knowledge. We learn open-source big data processing, and cap the quarter off with honing the art of data visualization and insight. By the end of this quarter, students should be well versed in conceptual knowledge and are ready to embark on independent projects.

Quarter 4

Capstone Project & Job-Market Readiness

To complete our immersive program, students work independently on an applied data science project that is unique to his or her interests or career aspirations in a Capstone Project. These projects reflect the technical skill set students have learned throughout the course, and demonstrate their competence and fitness as a real data scientist.

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The Galvanize Advantage

Galvanize is here to help you take control of your career. Our Career Services team offers a Career Prep Curriculum to help you succeed both during and after your immersive bootcamp.

Career Services

Lena Johnson
Senior Career Services Manager | Remote,

Our Career Services team prepares students to leverage their new technical skills into a career as a full-stack developer.

Student Success

Hailey Foster
Campus Lead and Counselor | Remote,

Our Student Success team ensures your experience as a Galvanize student is everything you imagined it could be.


Jessica Bahl
Enrollment Officer | Remote,

Our Enrollment team prepares students to leverage their new technical skills into a career as a full-stack developer.

Student Life

A large portion of our online coding bootcamp curriculum includes pair programming. You'll collaborate with other remote students on projects via web conference software, earn the team skills needed to thrive in a professional working environment and participate in onsite get-togethers, where you can meet your peers in-person.

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