Mentorship is a core part of the Galvanize mission. We aim to provide aspiring and serial entrepreneurs alike with the opportunity to connect with industry experts in a variety of fields with a diverse set of viewpoints and backgrounds. In service of this, we host mentor office hours weekly, and matchmake mentors with the entrepreneurs whose needs are aligned with their experience & skill sets.

*"This session alone made my entire investment in my desk at Galvanize worth it. I can’t wait to sign up for more sessions and really start to take full advantage of being part of this community!"*

Kristin Romaine, Phoenix Member

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Ed Nusbaum
Co-Founder, Stealthmode Partners

Francine Hardaway
Partner, Stealthmode Partners

Greg Head
CEO, Greg Head Consulting

Jared Stauffer
CEO, Stauffer Consulting Group

Jeremy Smith
Practice Leader, MarksNelson

Jeremy Wilson
CTO, SaaS Industries

Michael Gillette
Shareholder, Polsinelli PC

Nathan Mortensen
Principal, Tallwave Capital

Rick Stoddard
Partner, Coplex

Romi Dhillon
Managing Director, The Arizona Founders Fund

Shivana Debisaran
Founder, Lystra Data Semantics

Tim Kelley
Chairman, Canyon Angels