Learn the Basics

Intro to Data Science covers the building blocks of data science. Building upon previous course modules, you’ll explore topics like environmental setup, data science workflow, pythonic coding, object oriented programming and popular data science libraries.

Maintain Your Schedule

Our part-time Intro to Data Science curriculum is designed to help you kick-start your data career while maintaining your current schedule. Studying on weekends and in the evening, you’ll work alongside a cohort of driven individuals and world-renowned faculty who share your interest for using data to improve processes.

Focus on Your Career

Galvanize provides the structure and support you'll need to begin or advance your tech career. With a dedicated team including a career services manager, we offer support and guidance throughout your Intro to Data Science course.




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San Francisco

Jun18 - Aug8


Aug6 - Sep26

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What You'll Learn

Intro to Python

Quickly learn how to undertake basic numeric processing in Python and organize data to solve problems.

Object Oriented Programming

Go from little or no knowledge of coding in Python to designing and implementing Python programs in an object-oriented manner.

Data Science Libraries

Expand your knowledge of popular data science libraries including Matplotlib, Pandas, NumPy and Sklearn.

Immersive Tuition Discount

If you go on to enroll in the August 2019 Data Science Immersive cohort, your Immersive tuition will be credited up to $1000.

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