Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Understanding the best practices of digital marketing with data will help you make smarter, more effective decisions. Utilizing real-world case studies, master the basics of digital marketing, including paid-search, SEO, display and mobile advertising. Learn how to develop strategies, as well as analyze data and report your findings.

Maintain Your Schedule

Our part-time Digital Marketing with Data curriculum is designed to help you launch your digital marketing career while maintaining your current schedule and responsibilities. Study in the evenings alongside a cohort of driven individuals and world-renowned faculty.

Focus on Your Career

Galvanize provides the structure and support needed to begin, advance or pivot your career. Our dedicated Career Services team includes a career services manager who’s available to assist you throughout your Digital Marketing course.




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Apr15 - Jun7


Apr15 - Jun7

San Francisco

Apr15 - Jun7

Curriculum Overview

Learn the Basics

Discover how to use tools and develop strategies to make data-driven decisions, including paid search, SEO and social advertising.

Develop Campaigns

Build digital marketing plans and measure key performance indicators based on your goals, target audience and search strategies.

Measure Effectiveness

Help drive your company’s bottom line by using advanced tools and platforms to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Learn more about the full-time Data Science Immersive.

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