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Learn the Basics

Python Fundamentals covers the building blocks of Python, including the basic programming skills individuals within the tech field use every day. Python can be applied in a variety of fields including data science. With the number of job postings featuring Python steadily growing, there is no better time to learn this versatile language. The pricing of this course varies by campus- for more information about pricing, please reach out to our admissions department at 801-683-5526.

Explore a New Language

This workshop is for those who want to explore a new coding language, including analysts, product managers, statisticians, business managers and anyone interested in breaking into the field of data science.

The Building Blocks of Data

Building upon previous course modules, you’ll explore topics like environmental setup, data science workflow, pythonic coding, object oriented programming and popular data science libraries.


Intro to Python

Quickly learn how to undertake basic numeric processing in Python and organize data to solve problems.

Object Oriented Programming

Go from little or no knowledge of coding in Python to designing and implementing Python programs in an object-oriented manner.

Data Science Libraries

Expand your knowledge of popular data science libraries including Matplotlib, Pandas, NumPy and Sklearn.

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