12 Weeks


(Nights & Weekends)



Clarify, Transform and Solve Business Problems

Our Data Analytics course will help you develop the skills needed to make data driven decisions in the workplace. Each class begins with a business problem that you’ll learn how to transform into a data problem. Utilizing real-world datasets, you’ll master the data analysis fundamentals needed to find insights and also learn how to illustrate those insights to tell compelling stories to colleagues and stakeholders.

Build a Professional Portfolio

Working in data analytics requires you to to be capable and showcase your skills. With twice as many in-class hours as other data analytics courses, you’ll not only be introduced the industry-standard tools and methods, you’ll learn how to apply them and build projects to share with your own team or future employers. Galvanize Data Analytics graduates emerge with serious skills that help them level-up and stand out, whatever their goals.

Maintain Your Schedule

Our part-time Data Analytics curriculum is designed to help you kick-start your data career while maintaining your current schedule. Studying on evenings and weekends, you’ll work alongside a cohort of driven individuals and world-renowned faculty who share your interest for using data to improve processes.

Hands-On Experience

Not all Data Analytics courses are created equal. Our program gives you the necessary time to experience hands-on what a career using data will look like. Over 12-weeks, you’ll not only be introduced to tools like SQL, Excel and Tableau, you’ll truly master new data related skills and techniques.

Curriculum Overview

Manage Data with SQL

Learn how to retrieve, clean and organize data, craft intermediate to advanced queries and solidify your understanding of SQL foundations.

Explore Data with Excel

Discover how to use the most powerful and frequently-used software to analyze, present and communicate data using spreadsheets.

Communicate Data with Tableau

Using data from Excel, SQL and Tableau, explore mapping and visualizing data with design dashboards to tell compelling data stories.

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