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Our part-time courses are ideal for individuals who want to get more involved learning new development skills while maintaining a balance with other responsibilities. While these classes will undoubtedly level-up your knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies in web development and data science, they are not a substitute for our immersive programs. However, these courses are a great way for prospective immersive students to prepare for admission into those programs.

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"I have only been at Payoff for 4 months, but I’ve already been given a 10k/year raise. They wanted to let me know how much they value what I am doing for the company, and that's mostly me executing on the knowledge I gained at my time at Galvanize."

Bryan Smith, Senior Data Scientist at Payoff

Looking for a career change?

While part-time courses are a great way to pick up new skills or get a feel for a new occupation, they are not a substitute for a more in-depth, full-time learning experience. If you're looking to change careers and become a full-time web developer or data scientist, take a look at what our immersive learning programs have to offer.

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