Who You Are Now

You are interested in Data Science as a field but don’t live in a metro with a Galvanize campus, or would prefer to have the flexibility of online learning at your own pace. You are potentially interested in making a career change into Data Science but want to learn more about the discipline before committing to something like an immersive course.

What You'll Be Capable Of

You will demonstrate these competencies by completing a project with the guidance of your mentor:

  • Retrieving data from a database using SQL.
  • Creating visualizations of your data using Python.
  • Calculating descriptive statistics on your data using Python.

Online Learning with Industry Professional Mentors

Work independently with 4 mentor sessions per month for 30 minutes each alongside a Data Scientist and access to online resources curated by Galvanize Data Science Instructors. Your Personal Mentor is not only your partner in-code, but a seasoned industry professional who is as dedicated to your success as you are. Our mentors are specifically trained to help people of all levels learn Data Science from the ground up. You don't have a teacher, you have a partner dedicated to your success.

Join the Galvanize Data Science Network

Interact with classmates, mentors, data science instructors in our private community for feedback and career advice.



with four 30 minute mentoring sessions per month

Your Schedule

Set Your Own

5-10 Hours per Week


Self Paced

3 Month Minimum



per Month

You don't have to relocate or quit your day job. Learn with input from industry professionals.

How It Works

  • Enroll & Meet Your Mentor
  • Receive recommended curriculum from your mentor after initial assessment
  • Check-in weekly with your mentor for feedback on your work
  • Present your industry-based project to your mentor
  • Receive course completion certification and go put your skills to work!

Meet the Mentors

Jade Tabony
Machine Learning Software Developer at MetaBrite, Inc.

Data scientist with six years of experience in statistical modeling and a background in environmental health. As a Machine Learning Software Developer at MetaBrite, Jade develops machine learning algorithms in Python, as well as the software that uses the models in production.

Crystal Humphries
Ph.D., Data Scientist at Zymergen

Data scientist with Human Genomics Ph.D. and 8+ years experience in analysis and machine learning on large datasets using a range of tools including Python, R, Pig, Hadoop, and SQL. Developed an anomaly detection system that is currently in production at Amazon.

We also offer tuition discounts for those who continue on to our full-time immersive course.

What You Will Learn


A staple language in the Data Science community


Collect your data using the industry-standard query language

Data Science Libraries

Popular data science libraries including Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib.

Immersive Tuition Discount

Up to two months of credit towards full tuition (value up to $998) for students who decide join a Data Science Immersive program.

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