About this Course

If your goal is to become professionally employable as a programmer or web developer, then it would be difficult to make a better choice than learning JavaScript right now. This workshop will teach you as number of useful techniques in how to use JavaScript to build interactive websites and create immersive web experiences by working on real-world projects. This workshop is geared to those that don’t have any previous knowledge of JavaScript, but you’ll quickly build a foundation with this language to apply to many different applications.

Get Prepared for the Immersive

Considering a career in web development? This part-time course is ideally suited for students preparing for our Web Development Immersive program. You will learn the technical skills needed to succeed in the Galvanize Web Development admissions process, while also giving you the room and space to explore your interests in web development and programming.




8 Weeks

2 Evenings / Week



We also offer tuition discounts for those who continue on to our full-time immersive course.

What You Will Learn

JavaScript Foundations

Develop foundational skills of efficient JavaScript programming using variables, arrays, and objects with functions, loops, and conditions.

Interactive Web Design

Turn simple web pages into interactive web environments by using APIs, jQuery, AJAX, and JSON.

Immersive Tuition Discount

If you go on to enroll in an Immersive program, your Immersive tuition will be discounted by the cost of the part time program.

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