Mentorship is a core part of the Galvanize mission we aim to provide aspiring and serial entrepreneurs alike with the opportunity to connect with industry experts in a variety of fields with a diverse set of viewpoints and backgrounds. In service of this, we host mentor office hours weekly, and matchmake mentors with the entrepreneurs whose needs are aligned with their experience & skill sets.

Our Values

• You can walk the walk, and talk the talk
• Have empathy and remember the entrepreneurial journey is more than just building a business
• Keep a growth mindset - share the mutual benefit of learning
• Be intentional and direct with your ideas and feedback
• Be trustworthy
• Give back without expectations
• Be respectful even when the mentor or mentee is not a good match
• Use Radical Candor - don’t hold back from honesty
• Take initiative - don’t be afraid to build a relationship
• Treat this community as your own - get Galvanized

Our Expectations

• Come prepared - do your research and be thoughtful with your questions
• Be respectful of time - don’t be late, or run over - follow-up emails are a great way to keep the conversation going
• Knowledge and information is shared in confidence, not to be spread to others unless mutually understood
• Be honest - this is a safe environment
• Be aware of and respectful of both parties personal and professional boundaries
• Be receptive not demanding
• Mentorship serves to benefit both the mentor and mentee
• Practice active listening - don’t dominate the conversation
• The value of mentorship is not monetary
• Be professional, first impressions matter
• Take initiative - take notes and follow-up

Campus Mentors

Austin, TX

Boulder, CO

Denver, CO

New York, NY

Phoenix, AZ

San Francisco, CA

Seattle, WA