Gwen Cheni
Investor & Partner, Pier 88 Investment Partners

__Which Galvanize campus are you based out of? __

San Francisco

__What does Pier 88 do? __

I'm a portfolio manager investing in tech stocks and innovation by day. Mentor/advisor at five accelerators by side hustle. Love working with entrepreneurs and founder.

What does a day in your shoes look like?

Work starts around 6am because of trading hours, but it frees up my afternoons to work with techies. So it all works out well.

What was your "breakthrough" moment when you realized the opportunity in front of you?

Having met with tens of thousands of C-suite executives of public companies, I've come across a lot of different business problems and developed very quick pattern recognition. Rarely are problems unique: portable lateral solutions often exist already.

What inspired you to become an Advisor?

Seeing C-suite executives in the biggest companies in their verticals implement my advice, and seeing my consistent investment returns year after year.

What is your favorite technology tool or application to use at work?

Way too many to list here!

What book are you currently reading?

Reading almost every waking hour, rarely books, mostly tech.

What music are you currently listening to?

Chill background music.

What is your favorite lunch spot in San Francisco?

Switch around between half dozen of them.

Morning drink of choice?


Evening drink of choice?


Parting words for future entrepreneurs, leaders, or creators?

One life to live and it goes by pretty quick ... make it count!

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