Master of Science in Data Science

Be part of an unprecedented applied learning environment taught by expert practitioners and acclaimed academic researchers. The Master of Science in Data Science program prepares students for positions conducting high-volume data management, predictive analytics, and data visualization. Gain the keys to being a successful Data Scientist.

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Machine Learning

Develop and apply core supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, apply statistical modeling, and follow key best practice techniques for building well trained models. This course is designed with coding lab practice to develop implementation skills.

Deep Learning

Gain proficiency working with artificial neural network algorithms, master advanced techniques in optimization, and will gain skills for applying effective high parameter space optimization to deep learning architectures.

Data Engineering

The advanced topics in “Big Data” infrastructure and architectures -- computing resources and programming environments to support the development of efficiently scalable high volume distributed machine learning algorithms.

Natural Language Processing

Work with search engine and information retrieval technologies, and cutting edge techniques for transforming unstructured data into structured data types able to be analyzed, processed and used for machine learning and information retrieval algorithms.

Benefits of Our Program


Close to Silicon Valley and not your typical university setting! Housed at the Galvanize San Francisco campus which is home to around 200 companies, from startups to large enterprises.


Due to the unique location of our program students have the opportunity to meet and network with the 200 member companies from day one! Students also gain access to countless events including conferences, hackathons, and meetups.

Superior Curriculum

We worked closely with thought leaders in the data science industry and academia to identify the skills that are needed for data scientists and created each of our 10 courses from scratch to meet the needs of the industry.


Our program includes 2 parts: the capstone and internship courses. Students have the opportunity to apply what they've learned working on a data science project for a real company. By the end of the program every student has a 4 month data science work portfolio.

"The location of the program makes such a huge impact on our studies because It's not just a school, it's a community. Because you work so closely with those start ups, you're working so closely with the industry, you're not just learning new skills, you're building the network, you're building relationships, and that gives you such a huge advantage."

  • Marvin Bertin, Data Scientist at

Now Accepting Applications for August 2017

We are seeking students with a proven track record of academic and professional success. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible; please be sure your application contains all of the required material to avoid delays in the application process.

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