The Industry-Leading Online Program

As a precaution, we have made the decision to transition our Galvanize Data Science Immersive and Hack Reactor Software Engineering Immersive to live online instruction and delivery. These online programs will be delivered by your same incredible instructional staff and will still allow you to fully engage with your fellow classmates. While this may seem new or unexpected, rest assured that this program will still meet your expectations and our quality standards as we have been delivering live online courses since 2014.

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Same Curriculum, Same Rigor

At our Live Online program, you will be expected to be engaged in your learning process and will be held accountable to every minute of your schedule. The rigor, curriculum, and intensity will be the same as our in-person cohorts, and many of you will struggle through parts of it; this is why we have the same systems and processes in place to support your learning.

You will work through our rigorous curriculum and complete lab work, exercises, and assessments using our cloud based LMS. Your attendance and participation will be monitored and expected in all parts of our learning process, just as it always is. We do this to create the learning environment and exceptional graduates we are known for, and to maintain the incredible product and reputation we work so diligently to keep.

Remote but Not Alone

Our Live Online delivery model utilizes a virtual classroom container with live instruction, and Zoom and Slack platforms for students and instructors to interact in real-time during lectures, while pair programming, in our help desk system, office hours, 1:1s with staff, and group and project check-ins with staff and students.

Our online courses are taught live on a regimented schedule and are not self-paced.

What does shifting to “Live Online” mean?


This online program will be delivered by your same incredible instructional staff. Classes are taught live by the same instructors who would have taught your in-person class.


Our conferencing platform allows students to interact and problem solve in real time with their instructors and their classmates.

Career Services:

We will still be supporting your career search after you graduate from the program and will tap into our local network to support your job search.


Your campus team is ready to support you in a full-time, remote capacity during normal hours of the program. More information covering schedules, our help desk system, instruction, and the other support mechanisms will be released closer to the start of the program.


You will still be taking classes with a local cohort of students, and you will fully engage online with your fellow students. Once it’s safe for us to interact in person, there will be many opportunities for you to get together with your classmates.


You will need a webcam and headphones are highly recommended. We also suggest that you prepare your remote, working environment to be in a quiet setting with minimal distraction. More details around this will be shared prior to the first day of the program.

Our Instructors

Our team of experienced, full-time instructional faculty utilize real-world case studies to teach best practices in software engineering and data science.

Matt Winzer teaches Hack Reactor's Software Engineering bootcamp at Galvanize Denver.

Our Software Engineering Instructors

Meet some of our world-class instructional faculty for the Hack Reactor Software Engineering Immersive.

Sean Reed is a Data Science instructor at Galvanize

Our Data Science Instructors

Meet some of our world-class instructional faculty for our Data Science Immersive bootcamp.

At Galvanize, you'll collaborate with other hard-working students driven by motivation.