Workspace with Health and Safety
Top of Mind!

Community Wellness & Safe Interactions

In response to COVID-19, we have enhanced our safety and cleaning standards to protect the health and wellbeing of the Galvanize community (members, students, and staff). All Galvanize team members, including those who manage the day-to-day operations of our locations, are supporting connection and collaboration both virtually and in-person as needed.

Safe Interactions

We’ve reduced the density of shared workspaces to increase personal space. Shared workspaces include: elevators, lobbies, open seating, designated desks, cafes, lounges, and conference rooms.

Available Masks

We are offering masks to any of our members who do not already have one of their own.

Informative Signage

Signage and floor decals are in place to remind all members of the community how they can do their part in maintaining proper hygiene and safety.

More Sanitization

We’ve increased the frequency of cleaning in our spaces and the availability of sanitization products for our members.

Flexible and Safe Workspace

Signage and decals are in place to remind members of social distancing and safety guidelines that are to be followed.

We have reduced touchpoints in kitchens and cafes, and we are expanding offerings of single-use cutlery, paper goods, and dairy products.

Open seating
You will find fewer chairs in the open seating area in order to enable social distancing and we will encourage daily member reserved seating (i.e. members are able to use available signage or desk pads to hold their seat).

Conference rooms
Our conference rooms have reduced capacity and reconfigured seating. We are also increasing the frequency of cleaning these spaces and providing cleaning supplies in conference rooms for use between meetings.

Check Status of Current Campus Operations

As promised, we are remaining vigilant in our efforts to provide up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 and its impact on our campuses. Read more about our five-stage operational plan with the current stage of each coworking campus – this will remain a fluid document should stages worsen or improve.

Flexibility, agility, and a sense of community are key to thriving in a post-pandemic climate. For large corporations looking to de-densify their offices, Galvanize provides flexible terms and creative agreement structures. For those looking for a virtual community, guided by the success of our remote software engineering education program, we have applied key learnings and launched indispensable virtual events and programming for our current and future members."

Lindsey Rohde, Senior Director of Campus Operations